10 Best Nail Art Ideas| Unique Nail Art Designs that are Very Easy

10 Best Nail Art Ideas

10 Best Nail Art IdeasPretty girls, its’ time to bring some magic in your life style!!We have 10 Best Nail Art Ideas that will enhance the beauty of your nails and makes your nails more adorable. With increase spectrum of style, we encounter verities of unique nail art designs that are little tricky to implement. The selected list of creative nail art designs are unique in its way and are really very easy to make. So girls its’ time to add some stardom in your life!! Check Out Easy Nail Art Designs from below this page.

To get such stunning looks on your nails, need not to go on a professional manicurist or buy equipments or tools. Only you have to be creative enough to transform your nails by using these cute nail art designs ideas given right here. So, go through 10 best nail art designs that are Unique and very easy to make.

10 Best Nail Art Ideas

1. Water Spotted Beach Nails
2. Lace Nail Design – DIY
3. Cute Stitched Nails
4. Nail Art Tape
5. Dotted French
6. Delicate Lace Stamping
7. Chrome Tips
8. Romance Collection
9. Broken Mirror Glitter Nails
10. Rainbow Drops Drag Marble Nail Art

Unique Nail Art Designs that are Very Easy

  1. Water Spotted Beach Nails

Easy water spotted technique can give your nails charming looks of a beach water. Turn your nails into Mini Ocean studded with small golden pearls and seashell. For this beautiful nail art, you need to have nail enamels in light blue, medium blue, white and orange shade enamels. Also take a dotting tool, water, a cup and alcohol spray. Follow Janelle Estep on YouTube and get this magical ocean looks on your finger tips.

  1. Lace Nail Design – DIY

Lace Nail Design is a sort of pretty nail art design for elegant looks. To recreate this beautiful nail art bring airbrush, a nail top and base coat, white nail paint, a creative piece of lace. You can also use a black color nail polish with white if you like to go beyond creativity. This is one of the top 10 best nail art ideas.

  1. Cute Stitched Nails

For cool and funky teenage girls it’s the time to show your creativity. Use pink, white and black nail polish shades. You just need to work on implement of creative ideas coming in your mind to set aside your personality. Randomly draw hearts or triangles with interesting patters or simple lines or draw stitches around the heart or a circle of black or white colour, keep the base of pink color nail polish.

  1. Nail Art Tape

Nail Art taps can give a well defined look to your nails. Only thing that matters, hoe much creative you can be with these varieties of tapes!! With this nail art accessory, get cool 3D look on your finger tips. Nail Art Tape is really easy to handle, just take nail paint(s) of your choice, scissor & tweezers.

  1. Dotted French

Add a touch of subtleness and elegance in your life!! Get this lovely look on your finger tips in just few seconds!! Only you need to have a dotting tool, and the two colors of nail enamel. This nail art will give you a polish perfectionist nails, present your style in an impressive manner.

  1. Delicate Lace Stamping

Delicate Lace Stamping is all about getting simple and stunning!! This is a bit complex process to get your nails done with so much of creativity. But yah! You can do it at home just watch related videos on YouTube and get this cute delicate lace stamping done in few steps.

  1. Chrome Tips

A thin line of metallic chrome polish on the tips of your nails will make you shine apart from the crowd. Till now, it’s the easiest nail art design. Glamour thin pretty line will definitely makes a difference! All you need is a light color gray nail polish to work as base, and for tips, use shinny metallic nail paint.

  1. Romance Collection

 You don’t need to be perfect for this design, just create what your heart says!! Choose a nail paint instrument and create small heats or lips. Take two contrasting color nail paints like red and white. Well this is a best way to show your love to your love ones.

  1. Broken Mirror Glitter Nails

New and trending nail art is right here!! Broken mirror is beautiful effect of sparks and glitters. To get such a stunning effect, get colorful or silver glitter chips and black color nail paint. Trust me it will set apart your personality.

  1. Rainbow Drops Drag Marble Nail Art

When it comes to stealing all the eyes and spreading charm all around, Rainbow Drops Drag Marble Nail Art is the first choice. Take the best 6 opaque well-pigmented nail paints in rainbow colors. Combine these colors and get a fabulous look!!

Hope you get to know Best Nail Art Ideas that you can try at home to get your nails done. For more related updates regarding Designs for nails, stay with us at coolexample.in. 

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