10 Famous Cricketers Who Found Their Lookalikes in Common People

Every day, we encounter some strangers who look familiar with the one we know. Their physical features are so similar that we often find our self in déjà bu situation. Here’re 10 Famous Cricketers Who Found Their Lookalikes in Common People. So check out the cricketers and their shocking doppelgangers. From Virat Kholi to MS Dhoni, every man from cricket field has found their clones. Some of their doppelgangers have been used as their clones in several advertisements, where some belongs to other famed professions. These are the 10 Famous Cricketers Found Their Doppelgangers.   

10 Famous Cricketers And Their Doppelgangers

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Cricketers Lookalikes (Sachin Tendulkar)

You must have encounter these two working together in several advertisements. The former Indian cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar was spotted many times with his twin stranger.

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2. Virender Sehwag and Jeevan Sharma

Cricketers Lookalikes (Virender Sehwag and Jeevan Sharma)

Well, after seeing this snap surely you won’t be able to compare who is the real Virender Sehwag? Former Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag’s clone is Jeevan Sharma. You might have seen Jeevan Sharma on small screen as he has been used as the cricketer’s clone in various advertisements. Virender Sehwag’s doppelganger is a tailor by profession.

3. Shikhar Dhawan

Cricketers Lookalikes (Shikhar Dhawan)

Can you make a guess, who is the real one? The look-alike of Shikhar Dhawan is known to be a technician in the Kannada film industry.

4. Aaron Finch And Chris Pratt

Cricketers Lookalikes (Aaron Finch And Chris Pratt)

A lot of people compare the Australian cricketer with the American actor Chris Pratt. They share same facial likeliness and body type, even their hair color is same.

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5. Virat Kohli 

Cricketers Lookalikes (Virat Kohli )

It’s pretty unpleasant to know, Virat Kohli’s look-alike works at a pizza joint in Karachi, a city in Pakistan. Its look like after losing the ICC Champions trophy to Pakistan, the Indian captain chose a new profession. Well, jokes apart, a video of his doppelganger went viral on Facebook and people are really astonished after watching it. How could someone be so damn similar?

6. Lasith Malinga and Omkar Das

Cricketers Lookalikes (Lasith Malinga and Omkar Das)

The Sri Lankan cricketer, Lasith Malinga found his look-alike in an Indian stage. Yah, the Hindi film actor, Omkar Das Manikpuri looks really similar to the Sri Lankan cricketer. Many people pointed out the resemblance between these two celebs.

7. MS Dhoni and Glen Johnson

Cricketers Lookalikes (MS Dhoni and Glen Johnson)

Glen Johnson is a professional foot player who resemble like formal captain MS Dhoni.   However, the two are not that much close to be called as the doppelgangers, but we found these two quite similar from appearance.

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8. Shane Watson

Cricketers Lookalikes (Shane Watson)

The well know Australian cricketer, Shane Watson, looks exactly like the Northern Irish actor, Clive Standon. These two looks exactly like each other. Well, isn’t that exciting?

9. Brad Hodge And Mark Ruffalo

Cricketers Lookalikes (Brad Hodge And Mark Ruffalo)

The Australian cricketer Brad Hodge looks similar to American actor, filmmaker, and social activist, Mark Ruffalo. They look full identical twins.

10. Ishant Sharma And Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Cricketers Lookalikes (Ishant Sharma And Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

The Indian cricketer and the football player are doppelgangers. Apart from the facial likeliness, they also share same body type. The professional footballer, Bryan Ruiz is Ishant Sharma’s mirror image.

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