10 Famous Things That India Has Made and Given To The World

10 Famous Things That India Has Made

India is big land comprising of multiple kinds of creative as well as skilled people of miscellaneous backgrounds. And you will surprise to know about 10 Famous Things That India Has Made And Given To The World. From geometry to clothing, India is well recognized for its outstanding creations.

When it comes to new inventions and ideas, India had given so many innovative things to the world which had been established over centuries ago. Well, there is no doubts, that the country is no left behind in terms of modernization, cultural development and whether its science, food or spices.

Well, the culture and tradition are being many years old, so it could be shocking and surprising to know about some unknown and interesting facts that have contributed in great impact on the westerly traditions. In facts, those discoveries will surely make every Indian civilian feel proud.

10 Famous Things That India Has Made

  1. Yoga

The most popularized thing that India has driven out is yoga which has become a prominent factor now days. Now it had been seen in almost every corner of the country. It has initially started in India and then got popularized around the whole world. And yes, people have also named it with some exciting names like “beer yoga” and “hot yoga”.


  1. Kama Sutra

The kama sutra is another main thing which had guided so many people about the intimacy, love, relationship and of course, it do have a huge impact on the world. The khajuraho temple also depicts this concept; its sculptures are strong enough to describe this concept in efficient manner. They effectively portrayed the gradual quality of sexual energy. It’s just not about the sex but the romantic relationship among human beings which is depicted in this architecture.

  1. Trigonometry

Next significant factor which has been created by India is trigonometry which is basically derived from the language “Sanskrit”. If we broke it in small words which will be tri mean three+ kona means angle+ miitri means parameter. Moreover, two other geometrical words sine and cosine are derived from Sanskrit words “jya” and “koti”.

  1. Zero

People will be surprised to know that zero” is also invented by the India. This mathematical numeral is invented by the Indian scholars. The number was initially used for the first time during the harappans time period of 3000 BC. Moreover, they had also introduced some weights including grams, ounces etc.

  1. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders are another highly popularized game which is liked by all categories of people. Actually this game was enthused by the Indian game name as “mokshapat” which is actually based on integrity. After its introduction India, it was also made it presence in England and then in USA in 1943.

  1. Dance


With people from diverse culture, backgrounds, India is among the highly popularized ancient advancement. There are so many dance forms that have been invented in India like Kuchipudi, Bhangada, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, etc which have now attained utmost recognition worldwide.

  1. TajMahal

A very beautiful and among the seven wonders of the globe, Taj Mahal is undoubtedly an amazing beauty situated in Agra. No doubt, it is the most extraordinary architecture has even been created in India which has been gaining worldwide recognition. People from different parts of the world visit her to explore its magnificent beauty.

  1. Anaethesia

Anesthesia was first originated in India and came into worldwide presence in 13 century. However, the broad knowledge of medicinal fields like digestion, anatomy, immunity, genetics, have also been discovered and first implement in India only.

  1. Indian Food

It is well known fact that Indian food is highly preferred and popularized all around the globe. The species and cuisines have its own taste of class. Moreover, chefs from various big restaurants and hotels of international countries have tried the legitimacy of Indian cuisines.

  1. World’s First Granite Temple

The last but not the least is World’s First Granite Temple which is situated in Tamil nadu. India. This temple was constructed in a beautiful manner in just five years of time duration only. And slowly and steadily, it had got familiarized among the whole globe and one of the highly visited tourist spot.

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