Noodles, Alcohol & Dosa as Prasad! Here are 10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad to the Devotee

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad to the Devotee

According to Hindu mythology, Prasad is a devotional offering made by men to God and after being blessed by God, it is then distributed among devotees. In easy sense, it is any edible item offered to saint, deity or an avatar. After having the ‘Darshana’ of God, the devotees seek Prasad in the temple. Here are 10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad to the Devotee. Huge variety of eatable items are offered as Prasad in the Indian temples but few temples offers unique Prasad, consume and offered by hundreds of devotees every day. These offbeat temples are offered unusual offerings like Noodles, Alcohol & Dosa to the presiding deities. So, check out top 10 Indian Temples that offer Unique Prasad to the Devotee.

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad to the Devotee

1. Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan

Prasad with Rat Saliva

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad ( Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan )

Karni Mata Temple in Bikaner, Rajasthan is one of the must to visit temples in India. This temple is a home of about 20,000 black rats called “kabbas” and these rats are considered holy. Devotees brought Prasad for the deity and this Prasad is then offered to the rats. Then devotees receive the prasad laced with rat saliva. It is believed that the rat saliva bring good luck to the receiver of this prasad.

2. Lord Shiva Temple in Kerala

Books & DVDs

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad (Lord Shiva Temple in Kerala )

The Lord Shiva Temple at the National Heritage Center in Thrissur, Kerala is famous for offering CDs, DVDs or textbooks as holy Prasad. Why the temple authorities are offering a non eatable Prasad? Well, the authorities believe that knowledge is gift of God and that each devotee should be blessed with such priceless gift. In this temple, books and other writing materials is considered as the holiest Prasad.

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3. Alagar Temple in Madurai


10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad ( Alagar Temple in Madurai )

Alagar Temple in Madurai is another unique temple to visit in India for unusual offering. This temple is famously known as Kallazhagar Temple and is a temple of Lord Vishnu. At this temple the God is offered various varieties of Dosas which later circulated as Prasad. Devotees offer grains which are used to make Dosas. The first dosa is offered to Lord Vishnu and the rest is distributed to visitors after prayers.

4. Lord Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu

Fruit Jam

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad (Lord Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu)

The devotees here are given the most interesting Prasad that anyone loves to consume. At Lord Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu the devotees are offered unique Prasad made of jaggery, sugar candy and five fruits. This holy jam is recognized as Panchamritham. The temple has its own plant where the jam is manufactured.

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5. Khabees Baba Temple in Uttar Pradesh


10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad (Khabees Baba Temple in Uttar Pradesh)

The Khabees Baba Temple is one of the most mysterious temples in India. You must be supervised to know that there is no idol or a priest at this temple. Only a pair of two slipper-shaped structures can be seen on an altar. Travelers offer liquor to the altar at the Khabees Baba Temple in Lucknow. Locals say a mystic saint is believed to have lived there 150 years back.

6. Brahma Baba Temple in Uttar Pradesh  

Clocks and Watches

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad (Brahma Baba Temple in Uttar Pradesh)

If you are still not surprised to know these Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad to the Devotee, visit Brahma Baba’s Temple in Uttar Pradesh and see this unparallel offering by devotees. Here, devotees belonging to every religion offer clock and watches and show their gratitude to God for fulfillment of their wishes. The tradition of offering Clocks and Watches at Brahma Baba Temple dates back to the time when a man asked the deity to bless him with driving skills. The day he started driving, he offered a clock to the deity as thanksgiving gift. There is no security or a priest to take care of this temple.

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7. Temple of Goddess Kali in Kolkata   

Chinese Dishes

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad (Temple of Goddess Kali in Kolkata)

Chinese Kali Temple in Chinatown is the most interesting temple to visit in Kolkata. Since the Chinese residents of Chinatown worship Goddess Kali, the temple is known by this name. The devotees here offer various Chinese dishes such as noodles, dim sum and chopsuey.

8. Hawai Jahaj Gurudwara in Punjab

Toy Planes

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad (Hawai Jahaj Gurudwara in Punjab)

You might be wondering the story behind this unique name. Well Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara in Jalandhar is recognized as Airplane Gurudwara or Hawai Jahaj Gurudwara as devotees offer toy airplanes as Prasad at this temple. Locals believe that this unique offering will provide them visa approval and fulfill their dreams of travelling abroad. There are many shops outside the temple that sell toy aircrafts.

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9. Munch Murugan in Kerala 


10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad (Munch Murugan in Kerala )

The Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple in Kerala is quite extraordinary. The devotees offer Munch chocolates to the deity Munch Murugan. The son of Lord Shiva came to be known as Munch Murugan and there is an interesting story behind this. The deity is offered chocolates since a Muslim boy offered a Munch to him. It is believed that one day a Muslim boy rang the temple bell just for fun and got scolded for doing so. After sunset, the boy unconsciously uttered the name “Murugan”. After seeing this, the boys’ parents took him to the Murugan’s temple. Instantly the boy felt better and the priest asked him to offer something to the deity. Following the tradition, the boy took a Munch Chocolate out of his pocket and offered it to the God Murugan. Since then the lord Murugan has been receiving Munch chocolates from children.

10. Kamakhya Temple in Assam

Cloth Moist with Menstrual Fluid

10 Indian Temples that Gives Unique Prasad (Kamakhya Temple in Assam)

You must visit to the India’s most offbeat temple called Kamakhya Devi Temple in Assam. The devotees get a unique Prasad during the famous Ambubachi Festival in June but the temple remains closed for the first three days of the festival. On the fourth day, small pieces of cloth moist with the supposedly menstrual fluid of the goddess are distributed amongst the devotees as Prasad.

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