15 Best Google Chrome Extensions You Must Download Right Now

15 Best Google Chrome Extensions 

15 Best Google Chrome Extensions The most popular and powerful searching medium is Google Chrome that gives a delightful browsing experience. To make your Chrome experience even better, we are providing you with 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions. You Must download Right Now as they’re completely free of cost. The top ranked Google Chrome Extensions, password managers, discount hunters & in-tab dating sites are some of the newly added features.

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser released in 2008 by Google for Microsoft Windows. Later Chrome accessed, operating systems MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android. Google Chrome also serves as a platform for web applications under Chrome OS. The best Google Chrome Extensions will increase your work efficiency as it responds more quickly, smartly and all these feature are available free of cost.

15 Best Google Chrome Extensions

  1. LastPass
  2. Pocket
  3. Go F***ing Work
  4. Honey
  5. Momentum
  6. Genius Web Annotator
  7. Musixmatch
  8. Google Dictionary
  9. Google Input Tools
  10. Boomerang
  11. Great Suspender Extension
  12. Turn Off The Light
  13. Adblock Plus
  14. Pushbullet
  15. Chrome Remote Desktop
Best Google Chrome Extensions You Must Download
  1. LastPass

It is not to remember all the passwords of various accounts. LastPass is a password manager that safeguards your various accounts. You need not to lock ever single account with different passwords only one LastPass master password is enough to secure your accounts.

  1. Pocket

It is the best and very useful browser for the one who loves to read articles online. Pocket offers you to save articles to your phone and you can read them whenever you want. “Add to Pocket” enables you to save the offline version so that you can access the reading material within seconds.

  1. Go F***ing Work

Don’t get irritated from unproductive advertisements and junks of messages, simply bock the source by using this browser. This anti-distraction tool will help you out in removing unwanted activities faced by internet users.

  1. Honey

Honey browser to search for discount codes, promotions & free shipping deals that you can use while purchasing online products. You can check the various deals and discount of your product by pressing the “Honey” button.

  1. Momentum

Momentum enables users to create and customize an innovative tab page of Chrome, according to your preference. Through Momentum you can renovate the tab page in terms of looks and productivity. Momentum new tab page does all the job for you; place a quote of your choice, give weather report, list of task you have to do, background images, you can also set tasks for a day.

  1. Genius Web Annotator

Genius Web Annotator lets you add commentary to any page on the internet. You can read other people’s Genius comments for context or helpful asides, including those from verified journalists on its News Genius extension.

Genius Web Annotator

  1. Musixmatch

While watching a YouTube song video Musixmatch brings corresponding song’s lyrics. In the bottom of the YouTube player, lyrics catalogue of Musixmatch will be displayed. You can customize the font colour, background color of the lyrics display, toggle the lyrics.

  1. Google Dictionary

On our daily surfing Web, we encounter certain words that are hard to understand. For this situation Google Chrome has launched an intrusive extension called Google Dictionary. To get the meaning you simply need to double click on the word and pop up window will appear listing the meaning. Google Dictionary not only supports English language but other languages too.

  1. Google Input Tools

One of the most useful extensions is Google Input Tools. Because of this tool, writing in different languages becomes so much easy with any load of installing desktop software. You can write in different methods of your choice like transliteration, handwriting and scrip. To manage your time, you can set keywords shortcuts.

  1. Boomerang

Boomerang for Gmail schedules emails and helps the users in tracking email messages. You can also send drafted mails any time in one go even If you are offline. It also restricts messages for particular time in order to keep your inbox clean n you will get these messages at the scheduled time.

  1. Great Suspender Extension

If you are suffering from the problem of Google Chrome high power consumption that often collapsed the system. It’s better for you to install the Great Suspender Extension. It suspends tabs that are presently of no use. this in turn reduces the usage of ram. So save your system by using the great extension and secure its life.

  1. Turn Off The Light

For the online video lovers, this Google Chrome extension is worth to have. Turn off the Light features your video with atmospheric light which protect your eyes site and gives an amazing experience.  With this tool you can also remove unwanted interrupting parts of Web page this feature let you view the video without interruption. Numerous features are provided under this extension like management by using shortcut keys, wide video player and many more.

  1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the best recommended extensions that help you removing unwanted advertisements from any side of web pages. It also deals with malware and tracking & you can easily customize Adblock Plus but it doesnot deals with the advertisement that do not affect your web browser.

  1. Pushbullet

Pushbullet brings to you the easiest way to manage a wide section of your Smartphone like messages, photos, links, videos, songs, contacts etc by connecting your PC with your Smartphone. It enables you to chat with people, receive or send documents or links, have notifications.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop connects your Smartphone to control your PC. You just need to download remote desktop app in your Smartphone with the extension in Chrome. This extension is best known for its amazing cross-platform availability for which Chrome is must. But make sure you have enough space in your Android Smartphone.

Hope, our provided info will help you out in selecting the best 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions. For more interesting updates, stay connected with us at coolexample.in

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