15+ Cool Ideas To Decor & Accessorize Your Home This Diwali Without Shopping

15+ Cool Ideas To Decor & Accessorize Your Home

Diwali is just few days away and if you really want to deck up your home but falling short of time, check out 15+ Cool Ideas To Decor & Accessorize Your Home This Diwali Without Shopping. This Festive Season be creative and explore some great ideas to decorate your home. These ideas are easy to implement, only a touch of creativity is enough. Moreover, these items are made of some easily available things. Put some efforts and earn accolades from your guests. Bring the family members close together and ask for their help in making this work. Have a look at Cool Ideas To Decor & Accessorize Home and make this Diwali truly enchanting.

Cool Ideas To Decor & Accessorize Your Home This Diwali

1. Glitter candles

Accessorize Your Home (Glitter Candles)

Glitter candles

For this beautiful crafted candle, take a shot glass and paint its outside half. Now sprinkle some glitter on it and let it dry. After the glitter is attached properly; place scented candles inside the sparkling glass.

2. Paper Cups, Light String

Accessorize Your Home (Paper Cups, Light String)

Now this is something really appealing! With simple paper cups you can do lot more than you think. With little innovation and Fairy lights and paper cups, you can decorate your house.

3. Baking paper cups

Accessorize Your Home (Baking paper cups)

Attach colourful baking paper cups on to fairy lights and your beautiful home decoration item is ready to add vibrant feel in your house.

4. Craft paper lights

Accessorize Your Home (Craft paper lights)

For this beautify craft, draw any random pattern on craft paper and pierce on the paper using a thumb pin. Now take a small candle and wrap it with the crafted paper. You can also replace candle with a led.

5. Mason jars

Accessorize Your Home (Mason jars)

This is another kind of attractive stuff that can accelerate the beauty of your house. To make this, add some sand in a glass jar and place a candle inside. Hang them on plants or from ceiling with a strong thread.

6. Old Bangles Candles

Accessorize Your Home (Old Bangles Candles)

Old discarded bangles can be use to make these enchanting candles. Stack and stick bangles together by using glue and your bangles Diya is ready to sparkle your house. What a beautiful sight they create!

7. A beautiful corner of Flowers

Accessorize Your Home (A beautiful corner of Flowers)

Take some flower garlands and petals and put them to some artistic use. Colour any corner of the house with beautiful flower petals and see the magic!

8. Fresh Flower Candles

Accessorize Your Home (Fresh Flower Candles)

For this you need to have a fresh well-bloomed flower, an old candle and a spoon. Now, heat the spoon on a flame and with its back side press the flower petal onto the old candle.

9. Wine glass lamps

Accessorize Your Home (Wine glass lamps)

Sparkle this festive week by using wine glasses as lamps. To make this work, place a led or candle inside wine glasses and cover them with any patterned sheet.

10. Shells candles

Accessorize Your Home (Shells candles)

Getter some shells and melt old coloured candles or you can also melt crayon colours. Place a wick in these shells and pour the melted wax or crayon colours.

11. Paper bubble lights

Accessorize Your Home (Paper bubble lights)

Some childhood craft really work for you to make this festive week sparkling. Do as suggested in the photo. After the paper bubble is made, attach them to fairy lights.

12. Quilling candles

Accessorize Your Home (Quilling candles)

This is quite interesting technique! Make some quilling patterns and stick a candle on it and enhance the beauty of your house.

13. Chocolate Flowers for Children

Accessorize Your Home (Chocolate Flowers for Children)

This Diwali spread happiness with your young ones and make some more things for them. These captivating chocolate-flowers can be easily made by taking colorful papers, a wire, chocolate or a toffee and a thread. Now do as the picture suggests.

14. Leftover Glass Bottles

Accessorize Your Home (Leftover Glass Bottles)

Glass bottles of wine or other such bottles can be creatively used by painting them with opaque. You can also add glamour to your bottle craft by pacing fairy lights inside them.

15. Hanging Candles

Accessorize Your Home (Hanging Candles)

For this, you just need to have a hanger, some cling pins and old tins. Arrange them as shown in the picture and place candles inside these rings. The result is these vivid candles.

 16. DIY balloon lantern

Accessorize Your Home (DIY balloon lantern)

This crafty decor item is not as much complicated as it looks like. Inflate a balloon and spin some glue-dipped string around it. After it gets dry, deflate the balloon and remove it. Lastly, put in a bulb or fairy lights and hang.

17. Fruit candle

Accessorize Your Home (Fruit candle)

The cover of oranges can be use to make candles. For this, scoop out the inside of an orange or sweet lime and put in some molten wax or crayons with a wick. Now, your fruit candle is ready to light up your house.

These Given Images Are Proof: Waste Material Can Look Beautiful If You Are Creative

These are the 15+ Cool Ideas To Decor & Accessorize Your Home This Festive Season Without Shopping. For more cool stuff, stay connected with us only at coolexample.in

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