20 Places Where You Can Still Use Your Old Rs 500 Notes| Old Notes Accepted

20 Places Where You Can Still Use Your Old Rs 500 Notes

20 Places Where You Can Still Use Your Old Rs 500 NotesFrustrated Tiring yourself in long queues for Exchanging old notes?? Times to have a peace of mind as the list given blow is of 20 places  Where You Can Still Use Your Old Rs 500 Notes? From the moment Government of India stopped exchange of old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 over the bank counters the people are getting more frustrated. Remember till midnight of 15 December 2016, you are eligible to exchange your old Rs. 500 notes.

To crack down the black money from the market, Indian government has taken this action. As we know how central banks are working hard to destroy these 500 notes but its consequences are seen regularly. People are anxious of how to destroy Rs 4 Lakh Crore of Demonetized Notes.  Rather than standing for long hours in queues at bank offices to exchange the old currency notes, it is desirable to use them for various legal transactions.  Now, these old notes are accepted without any strain over the following places. Just have a look!!!

20 Places Where You Can Still Use Your Old Rs 500 Notes

Old Notes Accepted At Various Places
  1. At Government Hospitals And Pharmacies

  • Your Rs.500 notes are easily accepted without any inconvenience at government hospitals and pharmacies.
  • No need to bother for your medical treatment.
  • Doctor prescription and ID is mandatory for making payments at government hospitals.
  1. At Railway Ticketing Counters And Airports

  • Travel anywhere in the world with old Rs. 500 notes….. Yes, now be relaxed and reach your destination within time.
  • Railway ticketing counters, state-run buses, ticket counters of government do not hesitate in intriguing old currency.
  • Even ticketing counters at airports are permitted to acquire old currency of Rs500. Book your tickets at “Vistara airline where All Domestic Fares Priced at Rs 999”.
  • Experience a new feeling in the forthcoming festival month of December like Christmas and especially the New Year 2017 with bookings on time.

At Railway Ticketing Counters And Airports

  1. Payment Of Fees In Central Or State Government Colleges 

  • Don’t bother for your child education… as you may deposit fees at Central or state government colleges with old demonetized money.
  • Make your pending dues clear of your child’s fees as it is the right time as government has given you opportunity to demonetize your old currency.

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  1. While Purchasing Of Petrol, Diesel And Gas Operated By State-Run Oil Companies

  • Government has extended the exemptions of using scrapped 500 note for buying petrol, diesel and gas.
  • People are coming in large number at petrol pumps to avail the facility till 15 December, 2016.

While Purchasing Of Petrol, Diesel And Gas Operated By State-Run Oil Companies

  1. Payments Towards Pre Paid Mobile Top-Up To A Limit Of Rs. 500 Per Top-Up

  • Mobile recharge (one of the essential expense of the mobile users) has provided relief to the millions of prepaid users.
  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) starts accepting the old currency 500 note in order to benefit its customers. This facility is provided up to a limit of Rs. 500 per top-up.
  1. At Milk Booths Operating Under Central And State Governments

  • Under authorization of Central or state governments, various milk booths are now accepting demonetized currency.
  • Milk is the utility of every household, to keep in mind this service is provided by the government to relax them.
  1. Purchases At Consumer Cooperative Stores

  • While making a purchase at consumer cooperative stores like Kendriya Bandar, there is no need to be depressed as your old 500 rupee notes are widely accepted.
  • Remember, transaction up to Rs.5000 at a time can be made and with proper valid ID proof.

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  1. Purchase Of Cooking Gas Cylinders

  • To keep in mind the emerging needs and demands of the households in India, now government has provided exemption while purchasing of cooking gas cylinders.
  • Under it, LPG gas cylinders are acquired with old 500 rupee note so as to benefit the poor and middle class families.
  1. To Exchange Foreign Currency Up To Rs. 5000 Per Week

  • Foreign citizens get assistance from this facility as they can easily exchange their currency but up to a desired limit which is Rs.5000 per week.
  • Necessary entries in their passports are mandatory to be made regarding it.
  1. Water And Electricity, Payment of Current And Arrears

  • Individuals and households may avail the benefit by clearing their current and arrear dues regarding water and electricity.
  • Remember no advance payments are allowed under it. Make your dues clear by using your old 500 rupee notes.

  1. Purchasing Tickets At Suburban, Metro Rail Services

  • Tickets can be bought easily with old currency notes at suburban, metro rail stations.
  • Just download the app and get the service on your smart phone. When you go to ATVM (Automatic Ticket Vending Machine) to make a transaction. Don’t forget to take a printout after buying the desired ticket.
  1. Toll Payment At Toll Plazas

  • From 3.12.2016 to 15.12.2016 only, you can make your payments by using Rs. 500 notes. Government has deferment of toll collections on National Highways.
  • “Nitin Gadkari, Road transport and highway minister” has extended the days of toll payments in order to provide convenience to customers.
  1. At Crematoria And Burial Grounds

  • Cremation may serve as a funeral or post-funeral rite where you may use your old currency notes.
  • At burial grounds also, Government has made mandatory to accept these scrapped notes.
  1. Fees, Charges, Penalties Or Taxes Payable To The Central, State Governments, Municipal And Local Bodies

  • Deadline for using these scrapped value notes has been extended to 15 December, 2016.
  • You can pay back your fees, taxes, penalties or any other upper given dues as per your convenience
  1. Entry Tickets Of ASI Monument

  • If you are planning to visit a site full of ancient monuments, this is a chance to grab as you can buy the entry tickets of any monument built by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) with the demonetized currency.
  1. At International Airports

  • Travel anywhere in the world with scrapped valued money and make your journey memorable by reaching your desired destination.
  • Make your Christmas and New Year fabulous by using demonetized currency notes as it is advantageous to both arriving and departing passengers.

  1. Payment To Catering Services During Rail Travel

  • While travelling through railways, get tasty delicious quality food with old demonetized currency.
  • Order your food requirements as per your taste on your seats at Indian Railway Stations.
  1. For Court Fees

  • Court fees for the High Court are easily payable through old notes.
  • Debit or credit card, postal order or Rs. 500 old monetized notes are widely used to make the payments.
  1. For Buying Seeds From Designated Centre

  • Seeds at state owned outlets can be purchased easily from demonetized 500 Rs. Notes. It diminishes the burden of farmers.
  1. For Public Transport

  • To reduce some of the stress of common man, government has announced the news that you can spend old 500 rupees note at Pubic Transports.

Hope, you acquire all the facts related to 20 Places Where You Can Still Use Your Old Rs 500 Notes. These are the places where your old notes are accepted as Government has considered them valid for the above transactions. For more updates, stay tuned with our web portal coolexample.in

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