8 Benefits of Having A Beard | Top Reasons Why You Should Grow A Beard

8 Benefits Of Having A Beard

Beard not only makes a man look exceptional among regular dudes but there are many health benefits derived from growing facial hair. After looking at the 8 Benefits of having a beard, you’ll definitely feel like throwing away the razor and becoming full He-Man hipster. Let me tell you one thing, the top reasons why you should grow beard doesn’t include how you can tickle other people with your face but includes something scientifically proven facts. Growth of beard varies from person to person. It grows at different rates due to seasonal change, variations in hormone levels, raise or fall in temperature and many more such reasons. Generally, heavily bearded men are more masculine. It is believed that the one with giant beard is flamboyant and extroverted as signals of hormones. Here’re the benefits a beard-holder has aside from having an appealing looks.    

List of 8 Benefits Of Having A Beard

  1. It Provide Protection from Sun Rays & Bug Bite

It Provide Protection from Sun Rays & Bug Bite

If you grow irregular beard, this point is not valid to you. But if you’re the proud owner of a lustrous beard, congratulation you’ve grown a sun protection hat on your face. A study in Australia indicates that heavy beard on the lower half of a face blocks out harmful Ultra Violate rays 90 to 95 percent. It’s advisable to those who live in hot country where the sub-exposure is extreme to grow a beard to prevent sun-related skin problems.  Beard also protects the owner from bug bite.

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  1. It Prevent the Many Shaving Side Effects

It Prevent the Many Shaving Side Effects

Tropical beard seems like a very sound investment as it also prevent the many shaving side effects. Beard stops a man from shaving it off as it severely affect his looks. Well, a shaved skin may cause ingrown hairs and infections in your shaving cuts and neither of these seems to be charming conditions to have. Running blade on unprotected follicles may cause you a lot of trouble. To keep the skin healthy, it’s better to throw away the razor and avoid irritated follicles, tyranny of cuts and infections caused by bacteria.

  1. It Help Prevent Illness

It Help Prevent Illness

Interestingly, the warmth provided by beard is a really productive way to maintain a high body temperature when you are having a snowball fight. It’s also the best way to fight off illness in such a cold temperature. It acts like a protective shield that gives protection influences that might lower your immune system and leave you vulnerable to viruses.

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  1. It Keep Your Face Moisturized

It Keep Your Face Moisturized

Your beard is majestically a great natural moisturizer. It resists the skin from dryness. The hair traps hot sun rays, wind and cold air and help your skin battle dryness. The sebaceous glands help in maintaining moisture better when you have a beard. The gland excretes oils that keep the skin happy and moisturized. The beard in turn prevents dryness of oils, keeping the skin moisturized. This is the reason why it is advisable to avoid using harsh soaps on a beard. Stripping out the natural oils leaves the skin dryness.

  1. It Might Prevent Allergies

It Might Prevent Allergies

Beard also protects the owner from pollen and other allergens. A small amount of allergen material in a beard may result in better immune response. There have been strange stories about bacteria living in beards. It is medically proven, beard probably does collect more bacteria than that of clean shaved face, but it is not a point to concern as long as you are hygienic. You must wash your hands before running your hand through lustrous beard and wash the beard itself regularly.

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  1. Prevents Skin Cancer

As we already told you, beard protects the skin from harmful UV rays, resulting in prevention of this deadly disease. UV rays are powerful enough to cause cancer. The thicker the hair, the better your skin will be.

  1. Stay Young, forever!

Stay Young, forever!

This natural, beard gift also reduces aging signs. You can actually continue to look younger with beard unlike the guys with clean shave. The fine level of moisture maintained by sebaceous glands and beard keeps the skin pumping and hence reduces the signs of aging.

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  1. A beard can assist those with asthma

A beard can assist those with asthma

A beard also assists your body to fight against toxic exposures entering your lungs. According to Buka “”If you have a reactive airway condition like asthma, a beard provides an additional filter before toxins enter your lungs,”

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