Are You A Jio User? You Should Not Ignore These Points

Are You A Jio User? You Should Not Ignore These Points

Are You A Jio User? You Should Not Ignore These Points. It’s really fascinating to know that there are millions of users who are now connected with the biggest telecom company “Reliance Jio”. But users should understand that their task doesn’t rest on using a Jio SIM and enjoying unlimited free voice call and data. There are several points that every Jio user should consider before make use of its amazing services. Being a Jio user you should know how to safeguard your personal information from hackers that can even track your location.

Recently, a site called had leaked details of the millions of Jio users in just few seconds. After being informed about the leak, the website was taken down after furore. The website had already divulged customer details including Know Your Customer (KYC) details of millions of users. The massive data breach has disclosed how much customers’ personal data is secured with the company. Considering this issue, we are here with some key points that Jio user must implement.

This Is How You Can Secure Your Personal Details

1. Smartphones have rocked our world and millions of users are now installing applications from PlayStore. Whenever we download and install an app, we often encounter certain terms asking us to allow the app to access mobile data. Always permit limit information that is enough for functioning of the app and deny the rest.

2. We often forget to read the terms and condition of the app before installing it and allowing it to access the data available in our smartphone. But this slapdash activity may lead you towards a miserable condition. Your personal data can be accessed by the hackers, so before installing and allowing an app to access your personal data, make sure you are in the safe zone and for that read the terms and conditions carefully.

3. Provide only relevant information to the company. Many of us provide all our personal information just to take the free SIM and enjoy its’ services. Be a smart customer and provide only limited information to the company. It would safe guard you from future uncertainties.

4. In today’s hectic life, we are always in search of making things easy. Many of us save our confidential details in cell phones just as a memory backup. Always remember, do not save any information concerning your bank account details or ID passwords in your phone. Make sure you haven’t placed any such information even in your e-mail ID.

5. People who are fond of using new apps are more likely to fall under the den of lions. Always install and use the apps that are ranked the best and used by most of the users. Check the reviews & rating and avoid installing fake apps. Your data would be hacked by the unauthentic users if you avoid doing this.

6. If in any case you feel that your data has been leaked, without wasting your time, inform the cyber police and give details about the app. Women are often silent victims of cyber crime. Don’t forget, your safety is in your own hands so if you are doubtful about data leak, inform the police immediately.

7. One of the easiest ways to control cyber crime is to restrict the app from accessing confidential information like location or contact details. For this all you need to do is, go through the phone setting and open up Applications. Customize each of its setting and save the changes. This will help you to keep your personal information confidential.

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