Are You A Sarahah App User? Beware Of These Things Before Using

Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq introduced Sarahah about six months ago as a website. He later realized that Sarahah would do wonders as an app. He created the app so that people will be able to enjoy new means of entertainment. But there are few things Sarahah App Users must be Beware Of. With the rising popularity, some people are using the app as a cyber bullying platform. However, Tawfiq is making continuous efforts of upgrade the app with more security features.

Within just two months, the app has experienced over millions of downloads on both Google Play store and App store. It is the most trending app used by millions of users today. After downloading and installing the app, users need to register their names with their email ID, password and name. Users who know your Sarahah profile link will be able to send anonymous messages. A search bar is also feature in the app to find who all are registered with Sarahah.

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Things You Should Know Before You Start Using Sarahah App

  1. Sarahah is Arabic term that simply means “honesty”. The app is designed to allow people send creative and funny messages to each other. But it seems like people are using the app as a means of cyber crime and trolling others while keeping their identity a secret.
  2. The users cannot directly reply to the received messages via this app. However, Sarahah is reportedly working on this issue. Sarahah mentions on its website, “You can’t respond to messages now. We are studying this option”. Sarahah founder also stated that several other features will be featured in this app, which the “users will definitely like”.

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  1. By using this app, you will not get any info about the name of the sender of the message. Because of this feature some users are misusing this app. ZainAlabdin Tawfiq said that in some exceptional cases if the guidelines of the app are not followed by the user doesn’t follow the app, his/her identity could be revealed. So, the application should be used very carefully to avoid any consequences.


4. The app is designed in way that allows users to create and send constructive messages. Tawfiq felt the need for constructive feedback in his workplace and then he thought of forming something creative and unique like this app. However, most of the people are using this app to send unpleasant and offensive messages instead of “constructive feedback”.

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  1. On Google Play a review was posted that reads, “My 13-year-old sister uses this and she got a death threat aimed at our 2-year-old brother.” After such incidents came into light, many parents have reported against the app and mentioned that this app is “the newest platform for cyber bullying”.
  2. The app is still under development and the maker of this app is laying special emphasis on security concerns. There is no way to directly block a user on this app. if somehow a user receives any unsavory message on Sarahah, he/she can simply long press on the message and block it to avoid using any further message from the sender.

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  1. Several people worry about their identity being revealed. However, Sarahah maker said that the app comes with “strict privacy policy” and without the users permission no information will be revealed. He also stated that, “We will never reveal the identity of the sender unless we get his consent to do so. You can see also the terms and conditions of privacy policy regarding disclosure of information about revealing the identity in certain circumstances where there is a violation.”

So, these are the points you should be Beware Of Before Using Sarahah App. For more updated details on the go, stay connected with us only at

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