Best Air Conditioner Brands in India 2017| Best Window/Split ACs with Price

Best Air Conditioner Brands in India

With the advancement of new technologies and equipments, splits AC are gaining utmost importance .We have listed down Best Air Conditioner Brands In India 2017 for the customers who are looking to buy a brand new air conditioner.AC is most needed cooling system in summers, it’s cool air with low temperature lets you to enjoy amazing relief from heat .Now-a- days, lot of attention is being given to spilt AC due to their sleek design and technical features.

However, there are multiple types of air conditioner available in the market, but still people prefer to have window /spilt ACs due to its outstanding results. But the best cooling system is which has the great capacity with the medium energy utilization system. We have provided the best AC brand that has been listed below for customer reference. Each air conditioner has been describer According to its functionality, top ratings and energy consumption level. Check out the best Window /spilt ACs with price below-

Best Air Conditioner Brands in India

  1. Voltas
  2. Samsung
  3. LG
  4. Blue star
  5. Hitachi
  6. Lloyd
  7. Dakin

Best Window AC To Buy

  1. Voltas Air Conditioner

A well known air conditioner brand, Voltas is very powerful and rated on the top level due to its brilliant results and tremendous response from the customers. In term of its designs and looks, it is letting another brand behind. The spilt AC of this brand has great capacity -1.5 ton to cover large area. The cooling capacity is 5050watts along with 1438 watts of power usage. It has been given 5 star valuations by millions of customers. The amazing features like auto restart, dust filter and timer will be very useful to save your time and preserve energy. Voltas ACs cost starting from Rs 25000 to 55000 to easily fit in everyone budget.

  1. LG AC Review

Another window AC of huge brand, LG is also a preferred choice of people. It has a smart cooler system with antibacterial filter to maintain the system clean from inside. The price of this product starting from Rs18000 to Rs78000 .Currently, it is leading on the second rank in India. Consumers can set the temperature as per their needs and suitability. Its other technological products are already famous in Indian market, splits air conditioners are one of them.

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  1. Samsung Air Conditioner

Samsung itself is big brand name in term of its technological equipments ranging from home appliances to mobile phones. Its ACs comes in various categories including floor standing, spilt ACs and window ACs. Its cost starting from Rs 20000 to 70000.Samsung ACS has superior technical specifications like turbo cleaning, automatic cleaning systems and de-humidification. These characteristics not only eradicate harmful bacteria but also safeguard you from affliction.

  1. Blue Star AC

Next best brand is blue star when we talk about window air conditioner. This brand is having enormous reputation In Indian as well as intercontinental countries. It will be a good option to buy this ACs because its deliver efficient results. So, let’s know about its considerable features, blue star ACs has ton capacity of around 1.5 which helps to preserve energy utilization level. However, its price is little high which ranges from Rs 22000 to 1 lakh hence, buying a blue star ac can be a smart choice.

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  1. Hitachi AC India

With innovated technologies, Hitachi has stepped forward to provide effective service to its consumers. The customers are also giving excellent response to its air conditioners. They are known for its comfort and preeminent mechanization. In India, Hitachi is among the top window ACs brand with price Rs 25000 to 70000The special automation feature is especially designed keep in view the customers comfort. Apart from this, there is koukin filter which soothe you to breathe pure air. A rebellious twin motor automation is being used in spilt ACs.

  1. Lloyd ac

Let’s come to the next popular AC brand; Lloyd is providing it ACs in an affordable price range which can be suitable all. Its features comprises of rotary compressor, dual filter along with 1.5 ton of capacity. These entire attractive features hardly provided by any other brand. Lloyd AC has a power usage of 1136 watts with stylish body. Moreover; customers will also get 1 year warranty on this product. The amount of this product start from Rs 17599.0

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  1. Daikin Air Conditioner India

Dakin air conditioners in India have achieved a prominent response from its customers. Its long durability and good performance product taking it to lead in top ac brand. Its ACs has 1.5 ton capacity with appearance like auto restart, dust filter make it more reliable to use. The power usage of this product is 1560 watts with low energy utilization capacity. Cost of Dakin air conditioner is Rs 21599.0 only.

Hence, the entire best air conditioner brand in India 2017 has been provided above which are suitable in large as well as small apartments. Customers are recommended to choose any of the above given air conditioner which fulfills their requirement and suitable to their budget as well.

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