10 Best Backup Software For PC | Top Commercial Backup Programs for PC

10 Best Backup Software For PC

In this modern complex world, the use of computers have become necessary in our daily lives to preserve our time with condense workload. We are providing 10 Best Backup Software For PC that will defiantly assist you to save your important data and files effectively. Well this fact that all our important data and files are stored in hard disk drive so it can destroy data at any point of time due to some uncertainties.

Best Backup Software For PC

As we all know, there are various harmful files that can corrupt all your information’s. That’s why we use antivirus software in our PC to prevent damage of our files. It is very necessary to have best backup software’s to backup all essential information. Through the use of these top commercial backup programs, you can easily restore all data, USB devices and cloudy storage services. However, there are multiple options to buy a perfect program for the computer, check out the most suitable software’s that will results in good solutions.

10 Best Backup Software For PC

  1. Acronis True Image
  2. CrashPlan
  3. ShadowProtect Desktop 5
  4. AOMEI Backupper Professional
  5. Securstore
  6. EaseUS Todo Backup Home
  7. Genie Backup Home
  8. Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 Desktop Edition
  9. O & O AutoBackUp
  10. NTI Backup Now 6

Top Commercial Backup Programs for PC

  1. Acronis True Image

One of the best backup programs for PC is acronis true image. It is appropriate software for your home computer which provides immediate solutions to the users with a wonderful backup. Users can back up the files as per their own choice and can save them to external drive or FTP server. It comprises of excellent features including FB backups, data encryption etc.

Price: $49.99 USD

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  1. CrashPlan

Crashplan is another suitable program for personal computers. It is available for Linux and windows. With this, individual can easily perform data backup to an external PC on network. The capacity to backup is unlimited with the help of 448 data bit encryption. This is a Prominent software under affordable price range.

Price: $55.99

  1. ShadowProtect Desktop 5

On the next position, shadowprotect desktop 5 has been place due to enormous results with outstanding features. The speed of whole disks backup is very high along with reliable options to restore files. It endures complete protection with great speed. The functions of this software are highly centered which are very easy and convenient to use.

Price: $99.95

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  1. AOMEI Backupper Professional

AOMEI Backupper Professional is prominent backup software that can easily backup different type of data. Not only this, buyers will also get a free version of this program named as AOMEI backupper standard which is also efficient to use in marketable settings. One must defiantly buy this program at economical prices.

Price: $39.95

  1. Securstore

Securstore backup program is basically a cloud based software which utilizes the program from asigra inc. headquarter in Canada. When it comes to buy suitable software, various things comes in our mind including speed, usability, reliability and price. Securestre ensure good backup solutions by safeguarding the data stored in PC.

Price: $25 USD

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  1. EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is another brilliant choice for backup software. These programs backup the files and data. In addition to this, documents, disks, android devices are also backup by this software. It is a perfect choice to transfer the data from operating system to hard drive. easeUD toddo works well with these following windows vista, window 10,8,9 .

Price: $29.00 USD

  1. Genie Backup Home

Next best tool is genie backup home manger is also well – suited with various windows version. Users can easily recover their full OS to Prevent from the system disaster. This software offers 128 data bit encryption for effective backup. Moreover, if the user will purchase multiple licenses, then they will get extraordinary discounts with this.

Price: $ 49.95 USD

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  1. Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 Desktop Edition

Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 Desktop Edition is wonderful data recovery program at affordable price range. However due to tough competition among software firms, the ranking of this program has been decreasing day by day. Some of its brilliant features are offsite backup, AES encryption and various other advanced features. Now make your backup work easier with the help of this tool.

Price: $58.99

  1. O & O AutoBackUp

O & O AutoBackUp is a simple tool at low cost price range. This software is companionable with windows vista, 10 and 8.1. You can this tool for simple interface and for backup the data to any peripheral hard drive. The good thing about this software is that it automatically backup the data once the users connect the peripheral data to PC.

Price: $29.95

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  1. NTI Backup Now 6

NTI Backup Now 6 is positioned on the last number due to some of its disadvantages if we compared it to other software’s. However, this tool helps to protect the data and folders along with improving the operation speed. Its featured comprises of drive migration, user friendly graphical interface and continuous backup.

Price: $70.00

So, that’s all about 10 Best Backup Software For PC. For more interesting facts and information, stay tuned with coolexample.in

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