15 Best Beer Brands in India| (Under Rs 200) Beer Brands List with Price

15 Best Beer Brands in India

The summer days are arriving and this is the time to chill up you with cold beer. We have scrutinized 15 Best Beer Brands In India. In India, majority of people are fond of high quality beer to satisfy themselves with a good bear. We have provided (under Rs 200) beer brand list with price that will help you to choose a perfect drink. Earlier there were only fee beer brands available in Indian market but now we are having lots of brands that promise their quality and outstanding ingredients used.

Currently, the domestic beer market is a big industry for foreign beer giants for investment. Beer is a perfect drink for any party, gathering or occasion. One cannot deny the fact that this has become the main ingredients in social gathering or marriages. We all love to celebrate our happiness with beer. Check out the amazing beer brands given below that are have gained utmost response from the consumers

15 Best Beer Brands in India

  1. Orangeboom
  2. Kingfisher
  3. Sand Piper
  4. Golden Eagle
  5. Haywards
  6. Budweiser
  7. Kalyani Black Label
  8. Leffe Blond
  9. Asahi
  10. Flying horse
  11. Royal Challenge
  12. Heineken
  13. Carlsberg
  14. Cobra
  15. Kings

(Under Rs 200) Beer Brands List with Price

  1. Orangeboom

It is the best beer brand in India, as it name suggest doesn’t mean that this beer will contain the flavor of oranges. Instead it has been produced by high quality ingredients which results in excellent taste. It is worth buying it at Rs 150 only. It has delicious taste of tropical fruits which make this beer more special.

Price: Rs 150 for 330 ml

  1. Kingfisher

Kingfisher is a well known beer brand which has largest sales in Indian market .currently; kingfisher is not only famous for producing preeminent quality beer but also produces mineral water and soda. This beer is manufactured by the united brewery which is well known as biggest beer manufacture in India.

Price: Rs 95 for 650ml

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  1. Sand Piper

Sandpaper is one of the most familiar beverages that are being produced in Maharashtra. This outstanding drink gives us a perfect combination caramel and nuts flavor. In summers, this beer is highly consumed by the people because it makes body released as well as cool from inside.

Price: Rs 100 for 325 ml

  1. Golden Eagle

Golden eagle although not a beer completely it comprises of 4.8 % alcohol as well. This drink is produced in southern parts of India mainly in Chennai. This is one of uppermost selling drink which has attained lots of appreciation b the consumers. Golden edge contains strong ingredients which results in good taste buds.

Price: Rs 150 for 600ml

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  1. Haywards

Majority of you must have been familiar with well reputed beer brand, Hayward’s 5000, currently, this beer is having great selling ratio and moreover it is also posses by SABmiller, a foreign beer brand. They produced high quality beer by using superior ingredients.

Price: Rs 65 for 330 ml

  1. Budweiser

Budweiser is basically an American beer brand but now its demand in India is also rising up gradually. It comprises of fruits and nuts ingredients to give smooth and light flavor. People like this drink very much due to its good quality at affordable prices.

Price: Rs 100 for 330 ml

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  1. Hoegaarden

Hoegaarden is one of the popular drinks which are made with wheat and other healthy ingredients. This Belgian drink is perfect for hot summer days. It gives a citrus flavor with great combination of wheat. And the major thing is that its stocks of this drink rapidly get sold out due to its high demand.

Price: Rs 200 for 600 ml

  1. Leffe Blond

A tasty and smooth drink, leffe blond is perfect for parties or any informal events. It gives a fruity flavor which is very good in taste; this brand ensures its customers to results in brilliant quality beer at low prices. It is also available in wide range of falvours including vanilla, bitter oranges etc.

Price: Rs 200 for 330 ml

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  1. Asahi

Asahi is another prominent beer brand that is available in india.it is basically a dry drink which is produced with brilliant quality ingredients and yeast. This gives a perfect combination to produce delicious taste. The demand of this beverage is rising up in international markets also.

Price: Rs 200 for 500 ml

  1. Flying horse

Flying horse is another well known beer brand which is manufactured in state of Karnataka. It contains 4.7 % of alcohol in it but not seem to be very strong. One can easily enjoy this beer with peanuts and fruits to make its more healthy and tasty. It ahs fruity flavor and known be one of the royal drink in India.

Price: Rs 150 for 350 ml

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  1. Royal Challenge

Royal challenge has maintained this position since long time period. It is known for its strong flavor and great taste. This drink is mainly consumed in odisha, Andhra Pradesh and uttar Pradesh regions. It is very affordable that can be easily purchased by anyone to enjoy their day.

Price: Rs 200 for 300ml

  1. Heineken

Well, Heineken is basically a foreign band but now it is also accessible in Indian markets. This beer is being produced by a Dutch producer. This drink comprises of 5 % alcohol and it is being produced by suing yeast, water, barley and other useful ingredients. This thing gives a perfect bland for good taste.

Price: Rs 50 for 330 ml

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  1. Carlsberg

Carlsberg is especially in great demand among youngsters. This is a denamak corporation which had produced its first beer in year 1847 and since then this is one of highly appreciated beer brand worldwide.

Price: Rs 160 for 650 ml

  1. Cobra

This is another eminent beer brand which comprises of 4.8 % alcohol content in it. This drink is produced in china as well as United Kingdom. This beer is highly popular for its smooth flavor and more than 4 kinds of hops are used in its manufacturing process to results in prominent quality.

Price: Rs 150 for 350 ml

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  1. Kings

If you want to cherish some past memories with your loved ones, then enjoy your day with kings beer. However, it has been placed on last position due to its inefficient availability in all parts of the country but it has a great taste and comes in a good packaging that will surely loved by you.

Price: Rs 40 for 330 ml

We hope that you will choose a perfect beer brand from above given 15 Best Beer Brands In India fewer than 200 Rs only. Stay updated with coolexample.in for more updates.

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