Best Broadband Internet Service Providers in India: High Speed Internet Plans

Best Broadband Internet Service Providers in India

Best Broadband Internet Service Providers in IndiaHigh speed and amazing FUP are the added components for a perfect Broadband connection. Best Broadband Internet Service Providers in India supplies the country with its high speed internet plans. These plans are best to deliver an incredible internet experience. If you are unsure about which broadband service provider will give value to your money. Take a glance at the below compiled list that will give you a clear idea about best broadband connection for home. So get ready to experience fastest, consistent and reliable internet experience.

These service providers also offer best internet plans for smooth business operations too. Moreover, these broadband service providers are best known broadband plans that give buffering free, super download speed at an affordable price. So avail the benefits of cheapest and fastest internet connection as now the power is in your hands. Below we’ve provided the list of Best Broadband Internet Service Providers with its official website along with some of the best broadband plans.

Best Broadband Internet Service Providers in India

  1. Airtel
  2. Hayai
  3. Nextra FiberBolt
  4. MTNL Fiber thrill
  5. Hathway
  6. YOU Broadband
  7. Den Boomband
  8. Spectranet
  9. ACT Fibernet
  10. Reliance Ultraband

Fastest Broadband Internet Service Providers

  1. Airtel

Airtel provides uninterrupted broadband internet services with its all new Airtel V-Fiber. V-Fiber is a combination of fiber and Vectorization technology that provides less buffering, quick downloads and a reliable Wifi connection currently and it offers 100 Mbps speed. V-Fiber is available for users in Chennai and now accessing Mumbai. Airtely is truly a fastest broadband in India.

Airtel High Speed Internet Plans

Speed in Mbps GB Price in Rs.
16 35 899


50 999
55 1049
75 1199
100 1399
120 1599
150 1999
175 2199
200 2399

Website –

  1. Hayai

Hayai is the best broadband service provider that has upgraded its broadband speed. Hayai is now capable of providing 10 GB per second broadband connectivity in Mumbai. The users can take full benefits of plans on monthly and annual basis. However, with Hayai users can also access 10 Gbps connectivity in most of the locations of India.

Hayai High Speed Internet Plans

Price in Rs. GB Order
299 5 GB Monthly/Annually
349 10 GB
499 25 GB
649 40 GB
 849 60 GB

Website –

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  1. Nextra FiberBolt

Nextra FiberBolt is one of the best broadband Internet services providers. It offer fastest speed of 100 Mbps, price of such plan is fixed at Rs. 2,999 per month containing FUP of 50 GB in some parts of the country like Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon etc. Apart from this, many other broadband plans are offered by Nextra FiberBolt at a price value added price.

Nextra FiberBolt High Speed Internet Plans

PLAN NAME – Fiber Bolt SPEED Price in Rs. BASE DUL
10 10 Mbps 999 50 GB
15 15 Mbps 1199
20 20 Mbps 1399
50 50 Mbps 1999
100 100 Mbps 2999

  1. MTNL Fiber thrill

MTNL offer Fiber thrill plan in which it provide FUP of 500 GB for a Rs. 6999 per month. Its FTTH Fiber data usage plans offer 10 Mbps with 15 GB and 20 Mbps with 45 GB free data for Rs. 800 and Rs. 1200 respectively. MTNL is also providing voice services and IPTV over FTTH. Some of its popular landline plans are Planning 290 (150) calls, plan 500 (450 calls) and Plan 1000 (1000 calls).

MTNL Fiber Thrill High Speed Internet Plans

FTTH Plan – Fiber unlimited Speed in Mbps Price in Rs.
1M 1Mbps 1199
2M 2 Mbps 4999
10M 10 Mbps 24,199
20M 20 Mbps 43,999


  1. Hathway

Hathway is the fastest broadband internet service provider that offers 50 Mbps Internet peed with FUP of 20 GB at Rs. 2099 for its three month plan. Its’ plan called “AdvFiber HD and 125” provides 5 Mbps speed with Ben 125GB data at a price of Rs. 3749. It provides cost efficient plans.

Hathway High Speed Internet Plans

Plan Name HD Elite HD3 Stream HD Bliss HD4 Stream
Speed 50 50 50 50
FUP (monthly GB) 50 100 150 200
Post FUP (Mbps) 2 2 3 3
Subscription Charges in Rs. (3 months) 2549 2999 3899 4499
Subscription Charges in Rs. (6 months) 4949 5699 7599 8599
Subscription Charges in Rs. (12 months) 9349 10999 14299 16499

Website –

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  1. YOU Broadband

YOU broadband is amongst the Best Broadband Internet Service Providers broadband service provider. It provides 100 Mbps speed with 250 GB of FUP at a pocket perfect rate of Rs. 1572 per month. You broadband offer services in places like Vishakapatnam, Surat, Thane, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Ahemdabad and many more.

YOU Broadband High Speed Internet Plans

Speed in Mbps GB Price in Rs.
100 250 1572
15 200 1359
10 unlimited 5532
4 120 1647

Website –

  1. Den Boomband

Den Boomband is the fastest broadband speed provider and its services are available in Gurgaon, New Delhi, Jodhpur and Kanpur. Den Boomband provides a top speed of 100 Mpbs starting from Rs. 3500 per month. Moreover, users can avail 100Mbps with FUP of 100 GB at just Rs. 5500. Den Boomband is surely the best broadband service provider.

Den Boomband High Speed Internet Plans

Speed in Mbps GB Price in Rs.


60 666
75 1333
20 120 777
150 888
180 999
210 1999
50 30 1200
50 1600
100 2100
100 100 3500

Website –

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  1. Spectranet

Spectranet has given a strong competition to some of the most popular broadband companies. It offers internet connectivity with speed varying from 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps.  For smooth working of business operations, it offers a maximum speed of 100 to 200 Mbps at Rs. 115200/- and Rs. 198000/- per annum. However, for home purpose you can opt to 100 Mbps fiber broadband plan, available for just Rs. 1799/-.

Spectranet High Speed Internet Plans

Speed in Mbps GB Price in Rs.
50 Unlimited 1849


Unlimited 1249
32 799

Website –

  1. ACT Fibernet

It is one the best broadband internet service providers in India that provides 100 Mbps top speed internet service with 150 GB FUP at Rs 1,999 per month. Act Fibernet offers its services in Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Eluru, Nellore, Guntur, Hyderabad and few other places. Act is the third largest ISP amongst the wire broadband service providers and also the largest non-telco ISP in our country.

ACT Fibernet High Speed Internet Plans

Speed in Mbps GB Price in Rs.
50 Mbps 75 GB 1149
50 Mbps 60 GB 1049
20 Mbps 40 GB 899
100 Mbps 150 GB 1999

Website –

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  1. Reliance Ultraband

Reliance Ultraband offers top speed of 1 gbps and is super fast fiber line Internet service in our country. With Reliance ultraband, you can download HD movie of 5 GB in just 2 minutes. At Rs. 1500/- per month, you can access 120 Mbps unlimited connection. The 1 Gbps unlimited connection is offered at Rs 5,000/- per month.

Reliance Ultraband High Speed Internet Plans

Type & Speed of Internet Access HD Movie Download (5 GB) — Time taken
Ultraband @ 1 Gbps < 2 mins
Wired Broadband @ 50 Mbps >15 mins
Wired Broadband @ 10 Mbps > 1 hour
Wired Broadband @ 2 Mbps > 5 hours

Website –

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