Best Cloud Storage Service Provider in India| Unlimited Storage Services

Best Cloud Storage Service Provider in India

Best Cloud Storage Service Provider in India

Now make your work simpler with the help of Best Cloud Storage Service Provider In India provided throughout this page. However, free cloud storage is a non complicated process; any individual can share and keep their storage. But the below provided best cloud service providers will offers you much more than storage.

They are well known for providing multiple services including application integration, availability of app, security, platform support etc. Now access your data including big or small and share it with other people as per your preference. All this could have possible with the help of outstanding cloud storage services and latest technologies. According to the social perception, cloud sify and IBM are the best service providers in India in an affordable price arrange that can be beard by any everyone easily.

Best Cloud Storage Service Provider in India

  1. Cloud sify
  2. IBM
  3. infosys
  4. wipro
  5. Ricoh’s
  6. Zenith Infotech
  7. Netmagic
  8. esds’s eNlight

Unlimited Storage Services

  1. Cloud sify

Cloud sify is the best service providers when it comes to offering cloud storage services. It provides private and publicly managed type cloud services and leveraging high class technology in enterprise with utmost security. These services offered by the firm are very cost effective and very ease to utilize. Cloud sify is expertise in each of its cloud regarding services that makes it more special and appreciable by almost every IT firm.

  1. IBM

Another prominent cloud service firm is IBM which helps to create an effective agile atmosphere with smart cloud storages. It offers smart storage which helps the customers in implementing the storage strategies effectively. If you are looking for perfect cloud service providers, then must choose IBM because it offers excellent solutions.

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  1. Infosys

Infosys is undoubtedly one of the popularized and a brilliant IT firm which is offering excellent cloud storage services. It offers secure and cost effective services to meet the demands of clients and business requirements. It provided public cloud services which assist the firm to storage and computation costs. Advancement in innovation and technologies make public cloud service a, suitable option for every information technology firm.

  1. Wipro

Wipro is one of the best cloud storage providers. The main objective of this firm is to assist the clients in addressing the demands and requirements of impulsive environment a less costs. The firm has basically introduced the cloud storage services from their data centers to expand and grow their business. The solutions offered by the company helps to address the needs of customers through the use of provisional capabilities of dynamic infrastructure.

  1. Ricoh’s

Ricoh’s is next topmost cloud storage service provider which helps to empowers the document delivery, OCR document conversion etc. The most significant thing is that there is need to purchase the software, one must have to create an account to avail its services. The two main services offered by this provider is in-built connections and mobile printing. Undoubtedly, its efficient services enhance the IT effectiveness in the firms.

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  1. Zenith InfoTech

 Zenith InfoTech is on the best position when it comes to excellent cloud storage services. It is having a great platform in India and now it is extending its services across India like in Brazil, South America etc. a wonderful cloud solution, smartstyle is being offered by this service provider. It ahs also translated the smartstyle solution websites into Portuguese.

  1. Netmagic

A tremendous cloud storage service, simplicloud is offered by the net magic. this service helps to deliver all options regarding IT infrastructure and also transfer your apps workloads into the simplicloud. Apart from this, it offers 24*7 management and monitoring services of the whole hybrid infrastructure.

  1. Esds’s eNlight

Next admirable cloud storage provider is esds’s eNlight which provides outstanding storage services. It comprises of unique specifications including pay per consume. It has eNlight cloud service which properly analyses the VMs utilization. Moreover, its auto- scability features balance the resources including bandwidth, RAM and many more according to the needs and requirement of the customers.

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