Best Deodorant Brands for Women| Long lasting Antiperspirant Deo

Best Deodorant Brands for Women

Summers are approaching with hot and dry winds. Ladies, who gets irritated from foul sweat smell, check out Best Deodorants Brands for Women.  These brands offer affordable and variety of fragrances just for you. Moreover, these brands provide long lasting Antiperspirant Deos that is must to buy during summers. Rising pollution has raised the level of heat and this in turn leads to high sweat problem. Well from here you can solve this problem as these branded deos will give you a refreshing feeling even after working hard under sun rays.

Best Deodorant Brands for Women

So engage into lovely aroma of perfumes and deodorants. Fetch out from here some of the popular beautiful fragrance deodorants that people loves to buy. Many of us feel embarrass when we smell bed even after using deodorants. Stop using the old deodorants that fades away with hours and start using branded deos that are long lasting and carries attractive fragrance.

Best Deodorant Brands for Women

  1. Dove
  2. Secret Temptation
  3. Nivea
  4. Spinz
  5. Jovan
  6. Eva
  7. Fa
  8. Playboy
  9. Nike
  10. Adidas

Long lasting Antiperspirant Deo

  1. Dove

If you have sensitive, dove is best suited for you. Dove deos does not irritate the skin and are best to use in summers. Dove deos offers long lasting fragrance and consumer feel refreshing for long hours. Moreover Dove products are made with such an expertise that it doesn’t make skin go dry. Dove products leave the skin silky soft and smooth.

Dove Deodorants:

  • Dove Whitening Original Deodorant 169ml
  • Dove Original 0% Alcohol 150Ml (L) – DEODORANT – For WOMEN – 150 ML
  • Dove Antiperspirant Spray Deodorant For Women 150 ml ( Pack of 10 ) + Our Travel Size Perfume
  • Dove Anti Perspirant Deodorant, Invisible Solid, Fresh For Women, 2.6 Oz
  • Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Women, 0.5 Ounce
  • Dove Whitening Ultimate White Roll on Aluminum Free Deodorant for Women

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  1. Secret Temptation

Secret Temptation is one of the best deodorant brands for women. Secret Temptation is under the McNroe Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. Secret Temptation deodorants are very popular among ladies and teenage girls. Secret Temptation deo’s long lasting attractive smell is what makes this brand best for all age group.

Secret Temptation Deodorants:

  • Secret Temptation Passion Deo Spray
  • Secret Temptation Body Spray Romance
  • Secret Temptation Mystery Deodrant
  • Secret Temptation for Women, Affair
  • Secret Temptation Neon Deo Spray
  • Secret Temptation  Deodrants – Romance
  • Secret Temptation Flirt Deo Spray
  • Secret Temptation for Women, Romance and Passion Combi Pack (150ml + 150ml)
  • Seceret Temptation Wink Deo Spray
  • Secret Temptation for Women, Blast
  1. Nivea

Nivea is an international brand that has grabbed a wide space in Indian market. Its products are made of high quality and the brand is highly reliable. Nivea skin whitening deo are best suited for the ones who have problem of dark under arms. Nivea deo holds high satisfactory level as millions of ladies are using its deodorants.

Nivea Deodorants:

  • Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant
  • Nivea Pearly and Beauty Deodorant 48Hours
  • Nivea Women Deodorant Spray, Fresh Natural
  • Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant for Women
  • Nivea Whitening Floral Deodorant (For Women),150ml

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  1. Spinz

Spinz is a another popular Deodorant brand which is originated by spin bowling of World Cup Cricket in 1996.Spinz deodorants are liked by working women and teenage girls. Spinz deos are pretty affordable too. It is best for the ladies who always search for beautiful fragrance. Spinz deodorants have got strong smell that is suited best in hot summer days.

Spinz Deodorants:

  • Spinz Deo, Enchante, 150ml
  • Spinz Black Magic Perfumed Deodorant
  • Engage Woman Deodorant Spell
  • Spinz Deo Exotic
  • Spinz Deo Samba
  1. Jovan

Jovan Inc. Jovan Company is another deodorant brand under the list of best deodorant brands for women. Jovan deos offers attractive fragrance and non irritating range of colognes. The exotic spices and woods along with musk from Jovan is extremely extraordinary and are best to use.

Jovan Deodorants:

  • Jovan White Musk Body Spray for Women, 150ml
  • Jovan Black Musk Body Spray for Her, 150ml
  • Jovan Deodorant Spray Black Musk+Musk+White Musk 150 ML Each for Women
  • Jovan Deodorant Spray for Women, White Musk, 5 Ounce
  • Jovan White Musk for Women Body Spray
  • Jovan White Musk Deodorant Spray For Women 150 ml with Ayur Product
  • Jovan Deodorant Spray for Women, Black Musk, 5 Ounce

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  1. Eva

Eva is a brand of Tiruvellore Thattai Krishnamachari or TTK manufacturing group. The Eva products are pretty cheap and anyone can afford them. Eva also offer special mini deodorants packs for short terms purpose. Some of the mini deo products are Eva mini deo glee, Eva mini deo pop and Eva mini deo spray fresh.

Eva Deodorants:

  • Eva deo spray wild
  • Eva deo spray diva
  • Eva deo spray doll
  • Eva deo spray Tease
  • Eva deo spray urbane
  • Eva deo spray blush
  • Eva deo spray glee
  • Eva deo spray dew
  • Eva deo spray choco vanilla
  • Eva deo spray flirt
  • Eva deo spray fresh
  • Eva deo spray groove
  • Eva deo spray sweet
  1. Fa

Fa is owned by the German company Henkel. The Fa offers variety of skin care products but it’s quality roll on deodorants for women. Fa deos delivers long lasting and gentle smell but are quite expensive.Fa deodorants are skin friendly and recommended the best by the users.

Fa Deodorants:

  • Fa Purple Passion Roll On
  • Fa Active Pearls Aqua Spirit Roll On
  • Fa Active Pearls Rose Fresh Roll On
  • Fa Nutri Skin Invisible Control Roll On-50ml
  • Fa Natural & Pure Roll On
  • Fa Golden Star Roll On-50ml
  • Fa Golden Star Women
  • Fa Mystic Moments Women
  • Fa Mystic Moments Roll On
  • Fa Whitening Roll On-50ml
  • Fa Sensitive Roll On-50ml
  • Fa Nutri Skin Maximum Protect Roll On-50ml
  • Fa Natural & Pure Women

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  1. Playboy

The playboy deodorants give a refreshing feeling and coolness to body. The brand delivers high quality products due to which it holds high satisfactory level. Playboy ranges of does are unique and don’t contain any harmful chemical. If you are looking for a brand to stick with, try playboy.

Playboy Deodorants:

  • Playboy women spicy body spray
  • Playboy women play it rock body spray
  • Playboy women lovely body spray
  • Playboy women sexy body spray
  1. Nike

Nike is an American multinational corporation which manufacture cosmetics and accessories allover the world. Nike provides best quality deodorants that erase foul smell of sweat. Nike perfumes Nadu deos are quite expensive but worth purchasing. For daily use, Nike deodorants are recommended the best.

Nike Deodorants:

  • Nike women blue fantasy Deo
  • Nike women magic passion eau de toilette
  • Nike women fruit fever eau de toilette
  • Nike basic purple woman  eau de toilette
  • Nike women sweet emotion eau de toilette
  • Nike women hidden desire eau de toilette

Long Lasting Deodorant Brands: Best Selling Deodorant Brands for Men

  1. Adidas

Adidas is one of the best deodorant brands all over the world. It offers high quality and unique fragrance deodorants. Adidas deos are loved by millions of users. Long lasting fragrance and no harmful chemicals are the components for which Adidas deodorants are famous for. Both men and women are in love with this cosmetic brand.

Adidas Deodorants:

  • Adidas special edition extreme power deo body
  • Adidas fruity rhythm deo womens
  • Adidas pure lightness deo womens
  • Adidas Deodorant Women – Pure Lightness
  • Adidas Fruity Rhythm Deodorants

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