Best Dog Food Brands in India | Dog food for Labrador/Doberman

Best Dog Food Brands In India

Like every human needs food to live, similarly dogs also need healthy diet consisting of proper nutrients. Therefore, we have presented some Best Dog Food Brands In India so that people choose a perfect food for their dogs. However, there are separate foods brands for each breed but we will mainly concentrate on dog food for Labrador/Doberman. Doberman are the most loved dogs who are also known as dogs with brain of humans. And Labrador is also popularized and common known as sturdy, they are very familiar.

Best Dog Food Brands In India

Both of these dogs need a healthy diet and proper ingredients to stay healthy. But the thing is which the best food to be feed to dogs is. In Indian markets, we get to see a huge assortment of dog food brands. But we cannot select all food, as many of them contains chemicals and in toxic substances. Therefore, we must ensure to choose a perfect food brands for the proper health of our dogs. The given brands are rapidly growing in domestic market due to its superior quality and high nutrients. In fact, most of these foods are contributing to develop the immune system

Best Dog Food Brands in India

  1. For Labrador – Blue Buffalo Wilderness/ Royal Canin Breed Specific
  2. For Doberman – Pedigree/ Avoderm Dog Food
  3. For Rottweiler – Innova Dog Food/ Blackwood
Dog Food Brands In India
  1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

The great blend of nutrients and superb taste makes this food brand on the topmost position. Blue buffalo is the leading dog food brand .It consist some essential ingredients like oatmeal, chicken fat, ground barley, lycopene and peas. This is the best food for Labrador and fulfill all the conditions of nutrients that a dog must intake. The nutrients like fat, vitamin 1 and b are contained in this food. The price of this food brand is Rs 82 63.

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  1. Royal Canin Breed Specific

Another suitable food brand is royal canine which is considered best for labrodor.this food Brand was founded in early 1967 and now it has wide network across India as well. The special ingredients contained are wheat gluten, corn, Brown rice and much more. It consists more than 50%nutrients in it .If are having labroaro, then feed your pet with this awesome food. The essential nutrient, minerals and fat is provided by royal canin. Its 4kg pack is around Rs 1827.

  1. Pedigree

India well known dog food brand, pedigree is highly in demand by the people. This outstanding brand is especially suitable for Doberman. It is highly nutritious as well as good in taste. This food brand manufactures the food that includes chicken, corn, gluten meal, meat etc. they are popularized for manufacturing canned foods for the dogs and also help to cure dog diseases like joint pain, control weight and various other health issues. Additionally, the food is enriched with high amount of fat and carbohydrates. Its 10 kg pack is Rs 1325.

  1. Avoderm Dog Food

Avoderm is another best food Avoderm which is suitable for Doberman. It is highly reputed brand and famous for providing food to all group of Doberman. Its food is loaded with good quality meat proteins as well as superior antioxidants and nutrients which is very beneficial for the health of pets. The most vital ingredient included in food of this brand is California avocados which ensure healthy skin of dogs. You can buy its large pack for Rs 4600.

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  1. Innova Dog Food

Innova, is the another most suitable food brand for Rottweiler’s. This food is best recommended for this dog and people are very much impressed by this brand. Your dog will definitely love this stuff and its amazing ingredients involved. It contains beef which itself has 39 %of protein in it which is very great. Lamb meal is also included in it which is also a great protein source. Its 2 kg pack is about Rs 800 only.

  1. Balkwood

Another outstanding food brand for Rottweiler is balkwood which contains huge amount of fat and plenty of meat. It has herring and chicken meal which itself account more than 37 % of protein. In addition to this, it also contains egg and effective sources of carbohydrates. Besides this, it helps to keep the good health of dogs. The price of its 10 kg pack is around Rs 1099.

Hence, we have provided Best Dog Food Brands In India above. For more updates, stay connected with our portal i.e.

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