Best Headphones To Buy In 2017| World Class Head Phones Under 2000

Best Headphones To Buy

Headphones have become most essential mobile accessories now days. Almost every individual who buy a phone will also own headphones to enjoy good experience of music. Best Headphones To Buy in 2017 have been discussed below including its specifications and distinctive features of each. These days, this is the most esteemed thing which is kept by us all the time. Headphone is a wonderful accessory through which we can hear songs, radio and watch movies.

Best Headphones To Buy

It is another name for entertainment, to have enjoyment 24*7, this is the best possible thing one can have and at affordable prices. Due to its numerous varieties like earbuds, fitness-centric etc, we often confused which headphone to buy. So, we have presented world class head phones for you under the price range 2000 only. Now everyone can afford to have best headphone with amazing sound quality and stylish looks.

Best Headphones To Buy

  1. Soundmagic E10s
  2. Brainwavz Delta
  3. Sony MDR-S70AP
  4. Sennheiser CX275
  5. JBL T200A
  6. Sennheiser HD 202 II
  7. Skullcandy S2PGGY-392
  8. JBL T200A

By choosing a perfect headphone, the music get livelier and it provide relaxation to the mind. The below discuss headphones have different characteristics from each other, some are having loud audio balancing and few have good bass etc. These headphones also come with phone answer feature as well, by just pressing its control switch, you can anytime communicate or video call with others.

World Class Head Phones Under 2000
  1. Soundmagic E10s

The most appreciated headphone is Soundmagic E10s .It is widely preferred by the people due to its excellent sound quality at just fewer prices. The great combination of crisp and clear audio makes our mind feel relaxed .The most important features of E10s is in –line mic. It has very stylish looks and available in different colors at just Rs 2000.

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  1. Brainwavz Delta

Brainwavz delta is quiet similar headphones as soundmagic E10s but the main difference is it offers slow volume. The audio quality is good with low and high option. It slim design structure attract buyers to own this headphone .If you have less budget and looking for great audio quality in headphone, then go for this one at just Rs 1500.

  1. Sony MDR-S70AP

Sony, as the name speaks is a big brand in terms of electronic and mobile accessories. Sony MDR-S70AP provides impressive audio quality. Users can use it for long time. It is very comfortable for ears and around the neck to carry. All music genres are suitable to listen on this headphone.

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  1. Sennheiser CX275

Another most prominent world class headphone is senheiser CX275 which offers excellent volume with superb clarity and good mids. They are comfortable and light weighted to carry .An interesting features of in-line control is added t this headphone to answer voice calls. It comes with two year of warranty as well.

  1. JBL T200A 

Another best suitable headphone is JBL t200A which has oval shaped body and comes with XB drivers of 13.5mm .this brilliant headphone provides powers bass audio and also has latex silicon sleeves. It is the preeminent in – ear headphones that provides long term console. It also comes with 1 year warranty period.

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  1. Sennheiser HD 202 II

Next world class headphones is Sennheiser HD 202 II which provides relaxation during music listening. It has around 10 feet long wire which can easily be adjusted to any place. These are outstanding and reliable budgets you can buy at just Rs 1799.It helps to effectively control the ambient noise.

  1. Skullcandy S2PGGY-392

An appropriate headphone, Skullcandy S2PGGY-392 which is very convenient to wear and. It has silicone gel tips on its upper surface which looks very classy and elegant. This headphone has Off-Axis technology which is especially designed to match the ear shape.

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  1. PHILIPS SHL3210BK/00

A well recognized brand Philips has remarkable headphone SHL3210BK/00.It has ability to response the frequency from 19 Hz till 22000 Hz. The buyers will also get warranty of 6 months. Its weight is around 203 grams and jack of 3.5 mm. This could be another best choice to buy headphone at such economical prices.


It is one the astonishing headphones that one can have. Its stylish looks are just amazing and worth buying at Rs 2000.The mic quality and wires is outstanding .After wearing this, you will surely fell like you are wearing very superior quality and expensive headphone. SENNHEISER CX275S is good choice to buy at very convenient prices.

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At last position placed is LEPDH401IN CDLA headphone which is produced by the LeEco Corporation. It has special characteristics “c port” instead Of jack feature. It can successfully support those devices that have c type of port feature in it. These headphones are much similar like iphones earphones. It can be suitable choice to buy under price range of Rs2000.

However, we have provided Best Headphones To Buy in 2017 above. Buyers can select any of the best suitable headphone form above according to their budget and suitability. Stay connected with for more updates.

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