Best Hookah Flavors In India| Best (Shisha/Herbal) Flavors Of Hookah

Best Hookah Flavors In India

Best Hookah Flavors in India

The hookah was been practices since ancient period since then its popularity among Indians have increased a lot. We have listed down Best Hookah Flavors In India which should be try by every Indian. It comes in brilliant flavors that sweeten the aroma of tobacco, this make people more attracted towards pouring hookah. Although there are wide range of flavors available in India but we have presented best (shisha/herbal) flavors of hookah throughout the page. This has become a good time spending thing which is much better than smoking elements.

However, some hookah flavors are made up of bad quality ingredients than can cause health problems. But you don’t need to worry about ,the below provided hookah flavors of superior quality that are not harmful to human health as well, some popular shisha flavors like double apple, blueberry muffin, mint, grape are widely gaining popularity among youngsters. But keep in mind, you must be 18 years old if you want to smoke otherwise it is a serious offence in India. So what are you waiting for, view the list of good hookah flavors in India.

Best Hookah Flavors in India

  1. Double Apple
  2. Fruit Cocktail Flavor Starbuzz Sex on the Beach
  3. Night Queen
  4. Pan Rasna
  5. Sweet and sour “Peach”
  6. The Amazing “Mint”
  7. Blueberry Muffin
  8. The Double Bubble gum
  9. Strikingly Fresh “White Gummy Bear”
  10. Cold As Mighty “Brain Freezer”
  11. Vanilla
  12. Grape
  13. Orange

Best (Shisha/Herbal) Flavors Of Hookah

  1. Double Apple

One of the Best Hookah Flavors in India with sweet and smooth aroma for the youngsters is Double Apple. It does not let another Shisha flavor to stand in front of it. Apart of this, this apple turns out dense smoke as well as furnishes a flavor of eating delicious sweet juicy apple which makes it more tempting. When it comes to experience first time hookah, then double apple flavor comes first in our mind due to its overwhelming response from the consumers. The complete taste of apple and anise make this more classic which will surely liked by all. Along with this, it gives Best (Shisha/Herbal) flavors of Hookah which people enjoy puffing it with changing taste. Sometimes it tang like sugar while many times like anise or licorice.

Price Rs 199

 Comments by users: “It’s one of the best flavors… Any other flavors can’t take the place of it… It’s good for a beginner to start with it! No other flavor can take apple’s place, it’s my favorite ever”

  1. Fruit Cocktail Flavor Starbuzz Sex on the Beach

Starbuzz Sex on the Beach ranks on second according to the best Shisha and herbal flavors of Hookah. It is among the mixed drink flavored family of hookah tobaccos. The smell and flavor is just outstanding, even lots of brands have tried to capture the aroma and taste of best shisha flavor. If you haven’t tries the starbuzz yet then must try it to experience perfect essence of tropical fruits like cranberry, oranges etc. Youngsters love this flavor as it offers delightful mix of citrus (orange and lemon). Nobody will stop you from getting lost in the magic of its fragrance. Now days, there is no doubt in saying, it has most become the most popular flavor of the world.

Price Rs 120

Comments by users: On the beach hukkah flavor is the best! Use milk as the base, it gives you an awesome demse smoke!

  1. Night Queen

One of the best Hookah Flavors in India which has received maximum votes by the customers is Night Queen. It is better than strawberry flavor as it is having pleasant smell which may keep you fresh and breezy. You may use this herbal as well as Shisha flavor anytime, anywhere with friends and feel the difference which makes it unique as compared to others. Enjoy feeling fantastic with unsurpassed cooling effect. This is one the rejuvenating herbal flavor with long lasting effect. People love to enjoy smoking this essence due to its sweet taste and it is very affordable.

Price Rs 100

Comments by users: “By far the best flavor I have tried… Truly awesome”

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  1. Pan Rasna

Best Shisha as well as Herbal flavor of Hookah which acts as substitute for original pan is Pan Rasna. The incredible fact is that it is a mixture of many fruity essences such as cherry, pomegranate etc. this is perfect flavor for the people who love toe at pan. It is very delicious and has strong smoke essence. The blend of fruity flavors including cherries, mint, pomnegrate, etc is highly preferred by females. You may also experience sweet and refreshing aroma which really makes you feel fantastic with unsurpassed cooling effect. Just enjoy it either in a puffing way alone as a single flavor or by adding other flavors which taste more pleasant.

Price Rs 103

Comments by users: “I don’t find any flavor better than this one. Mix it with mint or kiwi or have it alone. It is the Best.” VERY NICE FLAVOR THAN ANY OTHER PAN RASNA PLUS MINT….

  1. Sweet and sour “Peach

Being the Best Shisha as well as Herbal flavors of Hookah, Peach is very appetizing and strongest due to formation of a creamy layer. If you are hookah lover, then this smoky essence will surely amazed, it is highly preferred by youngsters because of it long lasting effect and strong flavoring. Enjoy the real peach by trying out this essence. Along with this, it tang like real peach rather than a sweet candy which is the main cause of its preference by the youngsters. Even a flavor called nectarine is added with mint, vanilla as well as mandarin which adds a smoothing touch to it. Apart of it, thickest smoke is also formed which gives a unique appearance to it.

Price Rs 150

Comments by users: “So great, taste like a peach sweet, and feels juicy and succulent!”

  1. The Amazing “Mint”

Being the rejuvenating and refreshing flavors of India, it is mostly admired due to its aroma and pleasant taste. Specially designed for the mint lovers, it gives a smoothing effect that lingers for a longer time in the mouth. Just apply in the ratio of 3:1 i.e. chief flavor to mint and experience never felt before taste with your friends. The mint is the most refreshing essence which gives a cooling and breezing flavor. Try out it with some rose water and ice to enjoy its pleasant taste. This is one of the cheapest shisha flavors available in Indian market. You may enjoy it while mixing with other flavors also that slightly differ from its unique aroma. Here, the smoke which may result is puffy as well as thicker.

Price Rs 103

Comments by users: “If you wana have something refreshing in your mouth then the answer is mint with ice base with rose water… it’s got a real cool feeling in my mouth”

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  1. Blueberry Muffin

One of the thickest, creamy and most admired shisha flavors of hookah is Blueberry Muffin. It not only moisturizes your mouth but keep it fresh just like wild blue berries. It is thicky soft and creamy essence which instantly melts in our mouth. Especially girls are very fond of blueberry muffin flavor due to its great tasty element. However, it sometimes make the throat moisture less but still you can consume some water after having it. Despite of all these things, it leaves a pleasant aroma in the room along with very soothing and mild taste. By using this Blueberry Muffin which is buttery as well as creamy, you will be lost in the magic of its fragrance and experience the never before felt sensation.

Price Rs 102

Comments by users: “this is one of my favorite’s shishas simply the best it taste even better than any other. You have to try it”

  1. The Double Bubble gum

With enticing and splendid smell, The Double Bubble gum is among the top Best Hookah Flavors in India. Even in our childhood, we prefer eating bubble gums, just like real gums, this flavor is amazing which puffs out a lot of smoke and contains a candy trace inside it. The taste and essence of this flavor is outstanding and comprise of candy trace which make this hookah more amazing to smoke. If you like Shisha as well as Herbal scent, then surely this is going to be the best choice with candy trace inside it which acts as a tangy flavor. Apart of this, it is considered as the best choice for the bubble gum lovers in India.

Price Rs 150

Comments by users: “Bubblegum is the best flavor, it tastes like a real gum and it smells very nice, and it makes a lot of smoke. The smell of Bubblegum is awesome and makes feel any one to smoke it …love it”

  1. Strikingly Fresh “White Gummy Bear”

Nothing better than White Gummy Bear for giving sweet sugar as well as fruity flavor taste to the ones who like bear .If you want to give it a try, just prefer Fumari brand as they are among the chief eminence and standard flavor. White gummy bear comprises of authentic and delicious flavors along with brilliant packaging. You must try out this Sweet and sour pineapple essence. Its high quality ingredients which are added in it make it a top most Hookah of the year. Almost everyone adores this brand due to its name, along with Gummy bear extracts.

Price Rs 140

Comments by users: “Amazing flavor, it’s more wonderful when it get mixed with mint and orange”

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  1. Cold As Mighty “Brain Freezer”

As the name suggests, it is really Brain Freezer by the ones who seek it at least once during their life. One of the most admired flavors whose almost of the inhabitants has become a fan is Freezer.  Apart from this, it is available in various different flavors which you may easily mix with each others. Now, there is no doubt in saying that it has become one of the Best Hookah Flavors in India which everyone wants to give a try….

Comments by users: “It’s the best flavor that everyone should try it once and I am a big shisha fan and I have tried almost every flavor… It’s the best flavor I have ever had”…

Price Rs 103

  1. Vanilla

Another most preferred smoking flavor is vanilla which is highly popular among people due to its sweet and light flavor .vanilla zest is acquired from the orchid plant. When you will have it, you will surely feel like you are consuming vanilla ice cream. It smooth taste makes this flavor more appealing and delicious. If you love to have vanilla, then this essence is just made for you. It gives rich and creamy taste which is just fantastic. So enjoy this buttery soft flavor with ice aroma.

Price Rs 1450

Comment by users: “I like vanilla because it is very tasty
the cup vanilla makes me amazing in the world of vanilla. 70% people like vanilla”

  1. Grape

Grape is another delicious flavor which makes us feel like we are eating natural grapes. This flavor is produced with the green, black, and red grapes. You can imagine the taste of original grapes, and then just expect what would be the essence of its hookah. This herbal substance doesn’t results any harm to the human body rather it makes an individual feel pleasant in smoking. Have this flavor with some child water and mint leaves to enjoy its ultimate awesomeness.

Price Rs 377

Comment by users: “I love grape fakhar with mint cold and ice water tries it. It’s really good”

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  1. Orange

Another most admirable herbal flavor is orange which give powerful essence and make us feel pleasant while smoking. You will surely love the citrus flavor with fresh oranges, real oranges and mint could be a perfect combination fro pleasurable smoking. But the main thing one should keep in mind is that you should heat it too much as its essence and texture convert into disgusting formation. Hence, it is a good choice to have great hookah experience.

Price Rs 199

Comment by users: “Light but strong; very interesting flavor. It’s a great flavor to alternate with a strong one (fruity or minty flavors)”

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Finally, you grab all the facts related to Best Hookah Flavors in India. Every one admires them due its ingredients and best Shisha as well as Herbal flavors. Hope, this information will definitely help our readers who want to give it a try….For more updates related to Best Hookah Flavors in India, Stay connected with us at

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