Best Psytrance Festivals In India: Top Indian Psychedelic Trance fests

Best Psytrance Festivals In India

Psytrance Festivals in India is commemorated with full enjoyment and excitement. Below mentioned Best Psytrance Festivals In India will surely amazed and attract you to be a part of them. Majority of people must not be aware about the psytrance festivals. So, let’s know ab90ut its first. Psychedelic trance is basically the subgenre of music represented by the rhythms and lovely melodies provisions by the high riffs.

Best Psytrance Festivals In India

Since 1988, these festivals had become one of the conventional shapes of music. In India, this fest is highly popular in Goa. The first music DJ was took place in Goa with full of excitement among people and outstanding dancing beats. The below provided top Indian psychedelic trance fests commonly held’s during the summer time period. This summers, be prepared to take full enjoyment of these amazing music festivals that one should never ignored and must attend them.

Best Psytrance Festivals In India

  1. Himalayan Music Festival

Himalayan Music Festival is one of the most appreciating and highly visited festivals in India. It takes place in dharamshala, in state of himachal Pradesh. It is a perfect event that spreads lots of fun, happiness in between the Himalayas. This music fest effectively endorses music as well as promotes policy for drug-free. It usually held in the month of May.

Event OnMay

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  1. Indrasan Festival

Indrasan Festival held in beautiful parvati valley in kasol. Undoubtedly, this is the highest popular music fest destination in India. Since 2009, this music fest has become the most popular choice of very people. In addition to this, it is popularly known as eco-friendly event which laid emphasis on the campaigns and views.

Event On May

  1. Parvati Peaking

Another well known festival is parvati peaking which takes place in himachal Pradesh, near the parvati peaking. It is basically known to be the biggest event in India. It last for two days which is attended by the majority of the people in India. People experience here very lovable and peaceful environment and it is the perfect location in summer vacations.

Event OnMay 29 To June 1

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  1. Hilltop Festival

 A very famous music festival held every year in hilltop, north goa. If you are looking for the party event, then it is a perfect choice for you. The venue is so clean with cool atmosphere and food stalls that are set up by the local females of the city.

Event On February 12 – 14

  1. Shakti Peak

Shakti Peak is highly popularized psytrance festival of Nepal. People from various parts of the country visit Nepal to celebrate this event. It is a lovely fest where some well known music artists visit to display their performance in hilly mountains. It is just amazing event which assured to provide outstanding experience to the visitors.

Event OnMay

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  1. Shiva Squad

Another remarkable fest is shiva squad which took place in manali in HP. This is the vent which must be attend by every individuals and a perfect fest fro you summer vacations. The surrounding are very beautiful and attractive comprised of hilly mountains. It is perfect combination for music, crazy dance and scenic beauty.

Event OnMay 7 & 8

  1. Samsara Himalaya Edition

Samsara Himalaya Edition is another music event which organized in the month of February in bir. This fest is basically commemorated along with the aryamarga meditation. The visitors can freely participate in this event and can heal their vision through melodious art and music.

Event OnFebruary 9

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  1. Ozora’s One Day In Goa

Ozora’s One Day In Goa is another prominent fest held in goa. Especially, the goa residents visit this event and celebrate it with full enthusiasm and joy. There is a great environment of music and dance. It commonly last till six days in the month of February. It could be appropriate Psychedelic Trance fests for you.

Event On February 9

  1. Universal Religion

Next appreciated and likely visited fest is universal religion in Kathmandu in state of Nepal. The venue is decorated and surrounded by the hilly areas. Hardly, it takes two hours to reach the location from Nepal. There is a good environment of music and crazy dance among the people.

Event OnLast Week Of May

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  1. Kundalini Shakti Festival

Kundalini Shakti Festival is also among the top psytrance fest in india. It takes place in kasol in himachal Pradesh. It isa perfect fest to generate your kunadalini with purity and humility, then it is a perfect festival.

Event On  09 June to 12 June

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