Best Selling Romance Novels of 2017| Romantic Books by Indian Authors

Best Selling Romance Novels

The globe knows that Indians are born romantic. But being a beginner romantic novel reader, it’s quite difficult to know, where to start. So, we’re here with Best Selling Romance Novels of 2017 list. These Romantic Books by Indian Authors are enough to take you to the world of love sensation with Indian touch. Romance novels written by foreign writers are incredibly popular for its fun storyline and seductive backgrounds. But in India, romance means a blend of long life relations, promises, success, failures and many more. Understanding this, Indian writers always try to display different colors of love for not only Indian but foreign readers.

Best Selling Romance Novels

Therefore, the below given romantic novels will definitely inspired your to make your love story like the historical romance. However, there are lots of romance subgenres including science fiction, historical and fantasy romance. Well each of us has different likes and preferences, some like to read historical love stories and some love to choose romantic stories inspired by youth or our Indian actors. Those who don’t believe in love must also read out these love novels to generate their interest towards love.

Best Selling Romance Novels

  1. I Too Had A Love Story
  2. 2 States
  3. If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love
  4. Accidentally In Love
  5. Truly Madly Deeply
  6. The Stranger Trilogy
  7. Te Amo… I LOVE YOU
  8. My EX Fell in Love
  9. Seven Days Without You
  10. I Loved A Street Woman

Romantic Books by Indian Authors

  1. I Too Had A Love Story

This is the most loved romantic book which is high demand by Indian consumers. I too had a love story is the romantic story based on a boy who love someone but get something else in return .This book was written by Ravinder Singh on the real life story of two people. It is complete mixture of love and tragedy .The young generation like to read this book to great extent.

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  1. 2 States

Chetan Bhagat written this novel, it is based on the bollywood movie two states released in 2014. In this Chetan Bhagat owns life Story is based .There are two people of different caste who strongly love each other. Two different lovers named krish and ananya successfully convinced their parents for their love and marriage. 2 States, written by Chetan Bhagat, is based on his own real life story.

  1. If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love

It is an interesting triangle love story comprising of two boys and one girl. The story is written by Durjoy Datta, it is basically based on two FRIENDS who search for their female love who was victim of blast of Delhi high court. The heart touching is very thrilling and revolves around finding unknown person at blast place. It must be defiantly read out.

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  1. Accidentally In Love

Accidently in love was written by author Nikita Singh. It is a modern romance story which signifies the open relationship of two people. It is a perfect story which can be perfectly fit in modern society as well. The bold style of author has been used to write this story.

  1. Truly Madly Deeply

Another most selling romantic book is truly madly deeply which the first romantic novel was written by an Indian author, Faraaz Kazi. The author also achieved a best romantic book award also. The story is based on the romance of teenagers in school. It is very heart touching and emotional story that will steal the hearts of readers with its heartwarming romance.

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  1. The Stranger Trilogy

Another romantic love story is the stranger trilogy which is written by Novoneel Chkaraborty and story is based on young women who live her life happily but as the story step forward, some negative things emerged in her life and ruin her relationship with her boyfriend. This was just a glance; you have read the whole story to know the suspense.

  1. Te Amo… I LOVE YOU

The honest story based on friendship, hostility and love tea amo…. I LOVE YOU novel is written by Rohit Sharma. The story inspires us to sacrifice something to get some good in return. No doubt, this novel will definitely touch your heart from inside. That is why it is classified under best romantic books.

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  1. My EX Fell in Love

My ex fall in love is another prominent romantic novel that truly denotes the love of a young girl towards a boy. It is effectively written by Shubham Chaudhary .The novel signifies the story of a girl who deal with life challenges in efficient manner. This is one of the best Indian novels.

  1. Seven Days Without You

Another remarkable novel “seven days without you” which sates the childhood love story by Anmol Rana. The interesting thoughts and views of children towards each other make it very enjoyable to read. This childish love story is very cute one and people are demanding novel fro Indian seller.

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  1. I Loved A Street Woman

The last novel placed in race of leading romantic books is I loved a street woman which was precisely written by Nitin Vinay Khare. The novel storyline is based on the story of capital aviral and his lost love. This book must be read by those who strongly believe in true love.

Hence, we have provided Best Selling Romance Novels of 2017.We hope that buyers will choose these prominent romantic books .Stay in touch with for more updates.

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