Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands in India| 2017 Best Goggles (Shades) & Price

Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands in India

Earlier wearing sunglasses were just a matter of style concerned but now people have became more conscious about their eyes health .Therefore, we have bring Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands in India so that people choose a perfect Goggle of high quality. It’s true that style statement matters a lot but that doesn’t mean that we should ignore the negative effects of wearing a poor sunglass which can even cause damage to eyes. There are some who prefer to wear sunglasses to show off their style but some of them invest to buy good sunglasses which are suitable and safe for their eyes.

In India, there are numerous brands of goggles available but all of them are not worth buying. Therefore, there is need to find out best pair of sunglasses which can maintain style statement and protect eyes form harmful sun rays. The sunglasses market in India is increasing growing due to expand demand of sunglasses. People want to show their high status in the social community by wearing a finest brand of sunglasses. Despite of this tough competition among sunglasses brands, some of them are placed in 2017 best goggles (shades) & price.

Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands in India

  1. Ray Ban
  2. Fastrack
  4. Polaroid
  5. CK Jeans
  6. GUCCI
  7. Vogue
  8. Lacoste
  9. Flying Machine
  10. Van Heusen

2017 Best Goggles (Shades) & Price

1-Ray Ban

Ray ban is currently rated on the topmost position of best sunglasses brand in India. This is the first preference of every men and women .the firm is offering different categories of sunglasses like oval, sports, rectangular and aviator. The prices of these goggles are ranging from 2000 Rs-4000Rs.


This brand is place on the second position due to its great popularity among people especially younger generation. Its sunglasses are really appertained by the youth and most significant thing is that they are easily affordable form Rs 795-4000.Enjoy the experience of different colors and shades of fastrack sunglasses.

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Another remarkable goggle brand in India is Oakley is highly preferred by the sports person. These brands uses high quality lens material which is not only safe for eyes but also protect them from harmful UV rays .People feel comfortable wearing it. The prices of this sunglass are starting form Rs 4000.


For all those who are looking for inexpensive sunglasses of different styles, Polaroid is perfect choice. Now change your looks and style with different styling of Polaroid sunglasses like sports, oval shaped, aviator and many more. The cost prices of these brilliant sunglasses ranging between Rs1000 to 4000

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5-CK Jeans

Another famous brand of goggle is CK jeans which are amazingly loved by males and females .However, its little bit expensive around Rs 4000, but it gives a unique looks to your personality and safe for the eyes. So, go for its different style of sunglasses by preferring this brand.


Next appealing sunglasses of Gucci are in great trend now days. These are beloved for its funky and oversized fames. This is the brand which show high standard of the person. Its lens features include UV protection and gradient. However, they are very expensive above Rs 10,000 but it worth buying them.

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Vogue sunglasses are placed on seventh position because it highly gives importance to the individual appearance. It’s mainly preferred during the purpose of bike riding and driving. It is available in multiple sizes and shades. The prices are normal and cheap –Rs 2000-4000 as compared to other brands.


Lacoste is another topmost sunglasses brand in India which offers outstanding quality sunglasses for males and females. People have various choices regarding style options of sunglasses. It is featured with mirrored lens protection. It offers best Affirmation sunglasses at cost prices Rs 4000 and above.

9-Flying Machine

Flying machine is another prominent brand in terms of A grade sunglasses. Flying machine is day by day rapidly growing in domestic markets. Its sunglasses prices are set according to different style and shade of sunglasses. The common price range starting is Rs 595 to 800.

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10-Van Heusen

If we talk about affordability and features, van huesen is one of the sunglasses brand that come in mind of customer. It offers huge varieties of excellent goggles at economical cost of around Rs 1000.The style options are available from circle, rectangular and wayfarer.

Hence, we have given top 10 best sunglasses brand in India above along with its price range. Customers can choose a perfect goggle brands as per their requirement and budget.

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