Best Treadmill Brands in India| Best Nordictrack & Motorized Treadmills

Best Treadmill Brands in India

Fitness is the most significant part of our lives. But due to heavy work schedules and long time of corporate work leads in irregular body heath. We have provided Some Best Treadmill Brands In India which helps you to keep a check on your fitness leaving a proper healthy body. To cope up with your hectic work lives, you need to have some refreshment and fitness on daily basis.

Best Treadmill Brands in IndiaBut the most important thing is to choose a perfect treadmill that only ensures a proper fit body but also perform effectively. Treadmill is the best option when we cannot go for a walk or jogging outside. The below discussed best NordicTrack & motorized treadmills are high performers as well affordable in everyone class budget. These treadmills are suitable for males and females both, as both of them are very curious regarding fit and healthy body.

We have gathered some perfect fitness equipments that are cost effective as well as keep check on the functioning of cardiovascular. When we plan to buy a best treadmill, lots of factors come into our mind while buying such as performance, motorization, price and technology. But there is no need to worry about you can choose any of the fitness equipment from below for your proper workout.

Best Treadmill Brands in India

Treadmill Brands Price
Livestrong LS13.0T Rs 59,000
Afton M7 treadmill Rs 54,999
Life Fitness Club Series Rs 49,000
Kobo magnetic foldable jogger Rs 10,999
NordicTrack Commercial 2150 Rs 25,000
NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer Rs 44,999
 Healthgenie 4112M treadmill Rs 30,999
Afton XO-300 treadmill Rs 35,999
Telebrands 2 Hp 201 Rs 46,999
Stayfit G3 treadmill Rs 125,000

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Best NordicTrack & Motorized Treadmills

  1. Livestrong LS13.0T

Livestrong LS13.0T is the best and topmost rated treadmill brand in India. It has excellent functions such as time, speed calculation, distance and heart rate. It keeps proper check on your workouts and allows an individual to cover 12 miles per hour. This is the best option to buy at cost of Rs 59,000 only.

  1. Afton M7 Treadmill

Afton M7 Treadmill is a superb motorized treadmill which is highly recommended for females for their workout. It composes of multiple features such as speed ranges from 0.8-16 km per hour, motor power of around 2 HP. In addition to this, you can easily control the incline angle as per your choice. It comes at price of Rs 54,999.

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  1. Life Fitness Club Series

Life fitness club series is although one of the most expensive treadmill but its performance is just outstanding. It comes along with wide range of amenities such as wireless heart examines IPod assimilation system and many more. This is one of the oldest brands which is having utmost trust and faith of customers.

  1. Kobo Magnetic Foldable Jogger

Another prominent choice is to buy a kobo magnetic foldable jogger is excellent equipment to burn carbohydrates and fats from the body. The price is just Rs 10,999 only and you will get to see fruitful result in short span of time. This is the most affordable motorized treadmill brand In India.

  1. NordicTrack Commercial 2150

NordicTrack Commercial 2150 has amazing stretchable and folding capabilities which help users to conveniently rotate the machine in any direction. This brand has proved for brilliant vale at low price arrange of Rs 25,000. It comprises of workout programs of 40 IFIT and lifetime motor warranty.

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  1. NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer

Another NordicTrack treadmill brand is NordicTrack x9i Incline Trainer which gives sense of felling like you are running higher and higher just like on mountains. This treadmill comes with training programs of 44 iFit. It is an appropriate choice to buy this fitness machine at cost price of Rs 44,999.

  1. Healthgenie 4112M Treadmill

The Healthgenie 4112M treadmill comes packed comes brilliant features and specifications at affordable price of Rs 30,999. This is one of the best motorize treadmill which has power of 2 HP and very comfortable to handle. The most significant thing is it can easily handle the weight of more than 150g.

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  1. Afton XO-300 Treadmill

Afton XO-300 Treadmill is another amazing treadmill which comes with excellent power supply feature and can handle the tough workouts. It comprises of three inclination levels and offer maximum speed of around 16 km/hr which is brilliant. If you are face jogger, then this is perfectly suitable for you.

  1. Telebrands 2 Hp 201

Telebrands 2 Hp 201 is also recommended to fitness concern people. It has great capacity to support power supply of 2 HP. The handles are very comfortable and one can easily run on this jogger. It cost around Rs 46,999 and highly results in effective response from customers.

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  1. Stayfit G3 Treadmill

Stayfit G3 Treadmill is another astonishing treadmill brand; this brand has been specialized since past 18 years in manufacturing treadmills. The demand of this treadmill is increasingly rising in international countries as well. But it is highly expensive at price of Rs 1, 25,000

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