Blue Whale Suicide Game: All You Need To Know About This Deadly Game

Blue Whale Suicide Game

Suicide is emerging as a major problem across the world. News of suicide through live video on social media has been consistently increasing. In this era of internet and apps, a suicide game called Blue Whale Suicide Game has been launched that has made Manpreet, the Mumbai-based man, its victim. The 14-year-old student allegedly jumped from the 5th floor playing this game. Now the police have issued advisory on this game. Well, All You Need To Know About This Deadly Game is right here.

This deadly game has also taken the life of a 15-year-old UK student, Yulia and 16-year-old student Veronica who reportedly gave up their life by jumping off the apartment’s roof. After this incident, the police there started apologizing to the children’s relatives.

Blue Whale Suicide Game

What Is This Game And Why Is It Motivating People To Commit Suicide?

A depressed youngster comes across a social media group called Blue Whales. Actually, the game is emerged from social media only. It is being told that there is a group that is provoking people to suicides. This group is more active on social media. Posts related to the Instagram are becoming increasingly viral. This group gives daily tasks to its members, which have to be completed in 50 days.

These tasks are quite dangerous and deadly. These include harming themselves, watching horror movies, walking around at any time, and even carving a whale shape on the arms that is quite weird or look too scary. The task keeps getting tougher with each passing day.

When the task is completed on the 50th day, the game admin ask the youngsters to commit suicide and tell them ways to do so. Those who want to step back on the last day are warned that their family members will be hurt if they break the game’s rule. In short, once you started the game, you cannot quit.

From Where Does This Game Started?

This deadly game started in Russia four years ago on a social networking site “VKontakte”. Reportedly, the game has taken over 130 lives in Russia. Due to this game, first suicide was recorded in the year 2015. A psychology student Philipp Budeikin stated that he invented the game. This young man was thrown out of his university, he was attempting to weed out the society by encouraging those who have no value to take their lives.

Most of the people believe that a postman named Ilya Sidorov who was arrested in Moscow, Russia has made this game. Sidorov used to encourage teenagers to hurt themselves and commit suicide. However, it is still a mystery from where this game is being run or who the makers of this game are.

Well, one can easily create a VKontakte account and once logged in and searched Bluewhale, the user encounters extremely depressing messages and images of youngsters who are waiting to end their lives. Their profiles are as macabre as it can get.  Lots of pictures of self-harming, creepy and horrific sketches of people bleeding & trying to kill themselves are placed on the site.

Some people believes that the app can be easily played after installing it in the smartphone, while some believe that you can play only via social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Signs Of Depression And Suicidal Tendencies Among The Users Of This Game

  • Irritability
  • Aggression
  • Lethargy
  • Sluggishness
  • Tiredness
  • Fear, anxiety, despair
  • Addiction to social media
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Feeling low most of the time
  • Withdrawal from favourite activities

As Per Psychologist Dr Pulkit Sharma:

“It’s important to restrict such content. When a person is depressed, he or she is in a very fragile state of mind. Anyone who seems powerful to them and comes across as an anchor point, can have the potential to influence their mind. When you tell a depressed person that he can live, and there is hope, they don’t find such words to be realistic. But if someone tells him that he is fit to die, and there is nothing wrong is seeking liberation and suicide is an easier, logical way out, he immediately relates to it. Exposure to such content is extremely dangerous for depressed young people.”

Sharma mentioned that the network seems to be a created by a psychopath, he said, “Such people believe that they are larger than life. They are on a special mission and they have a weird agenda that makes sense to them. They are fanatical and psychopathic. They see things in extreme, in black and white, the way the alleged creator of the Blue Whale network believes that if he eradicates depressed people, this world will be a happy place”.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NPCC), a UK-based child protection organization, has said that children should not follow the crowd and avoid doing things that are troublesome for them.

Games like Blue Whale Suicide should be banned across the world. You can stay connected with us at and get updated with latest information.  

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