Clash of Clans Tips & Tricks | Hacks & Hidden Secrets to win the Game

Clash of Clans Tips & Tricks

Clash of Clans Tips & TricksClash of clans tips & tricks will help you out to win this game of strategy by revealing hacks and hidden secrets. Clash of clans has become the most addictive online multiplayer game ever on iOS and Android. Players are tasked to attack each other’s town with wizards, barbarians and dragons, gain resources like gold, elixir and dark elixir to build their own town. Create your own Clan, conjoin with other players, play a part in Clan wars together. Hack allows you to access free gems, secrets and mysteries. If you are a Clash of Clans lover, than this is the thing that you really need to know. Through our research we have displayed some of the best tips and tricks to win Clash of clans. Take a look!!

Clash of Clans Tips & Tricks

# Unnecessarily Don’t Use Spell

# Look Up for the Most Valuable Resource to Raid

# Plan the Layout Of Town For Better Safety

# Play in Group

# Alter Your Armies in Clan Wars

# Shield Up For Defense

Hacks & Hidden Secrets

These are top Hacks & Hidden Secrets to win the Game, you must c heck them out;

#Unnecessarily Don’t Use Spell

Spell takes a long time to produce, rage spell starts at 23000 elixirs and healing spell at 15000 elixirs. Make sure you are using these spells at the right time and the battle warrants them and you are gaining at least 15k or 23k resources from the battle.

Clash of Clans Tips & Tricks

#Look Up For The Most Valuable Resource To Raid

At the time of multiplayer combat, you get the right to raid certain %age of obtainable resources that you can access from storage locations of the battlefield like;

Hacks & Hidden Secrets

Dark Elixir Storage gold/elixir storage gold/elixir collectors Dark Elixir Drills Town Hall

(Dark Elixirs)

20% 50% 75%

(Dark Elixirs)


Always attack the town whose status is higher than yours to boost up your level. Don’t waste your resources in robbing a newly set up town.

#Plan The Layout Of Town For Better Safety

Build walls surrounding resources and the town. Leave no gap between the walls and avoid spawnable titles within your town base. Make sure structures are strong, add defensive structures like cannons and secure your area. keep on upgrading these walls time by time and make the structure close as much as you can so that your enemies will not get scattered all over the town and you can defeat them easily.

Hacks & Hidden Secrets

#Play In Group

After playing as a single player, increase your level and open new areas of this game. One of the most interesting features of Clash of Clans is getting socialized with the other players. You can form up your own Clan and raid up any high level town of your choice you can also call Clan for defense purpose. After getting the resources, share out with each other.

#Alter Your Armies In Clan Wars

Scout function will help you in making a strategic plan before battle. Get layout of the land like that of your enemy and plan to defeat it in the best possible way. Deeply identify your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses; this will help you in long run. Use balloons if air root is not secured, use land if the walls are not properly structured.

Alter Your Armies In Clan Wars
#Shield Up For Defense

Safety comes first!! So keep on upgrading your town, build up army, form closely connected areas. Shield up will keep your town safe from enemies for some time and by the time you can concentrate on more crucial matters. Keep tabs on shield timer, when time gets up you’ll get enough time to attack your enemies.

Shield Up For Defense
#Get Free Gems In One Go

By following three simple steps you can get free gems:

  • Fill User Name In Clash Of Clans
  • Select From The List, The Amount Of Resources You Need
  • Press “Hack” Or “Generate” Button

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