Highly Sought Out College Fests in India| Best Cultural Fests with Dates

Highly Sought Out College Fests in India

The college time is most memorable one with full of excitement, joy and fun. Therefore, we have scrutinized here some Highly Sought Out College Fests In India which should be attended by everyone. Each of one us has its own memories to recall, cherish and college fest are one of them. Cultural fest are the days of college where one is so busy with their guest list, preparations, posters and banners ,inviting the guests, arrangements for the fests, searching sponsors and many more fun which is really unforgettable. College fest in India is the best time of college where the blend of culture, art and performance is able to see.

If you just entered into the college life, then you will definitely love to see the cultural fests. During that time, students enjoy the carnival with enthusiasm and inside pleasure. Cultural festivals are best time to enjoy the life with your friends besides your monotonous study routine. There are some tremendous colleges fests that are organized each year with different workshops, shows, activities and performance by talented superstars, even celebrities are also invited to add beauty and glorify the fest. We have provided best cultural fests with dates that one should definitely attend.

College Fests in India

  1. Rendezvous
  3. Riviera
  4. Saarang
  5. OASIS
  6. Rendezvous
  7. MOODI

Highly Sought Out College Fests in India

  1. Rendezvous

The highly sought out college fest in India is rendezvous of IIT New Delhi which is at the topmost position. In this, the juniors students plays a vital role in showing their talents and performance .This fest comprises of four main nights namely dhoom, kaleidoscope, blitzkrieg and spectrum  ,all these are famous for showing different art ad performance aspects. Here you will get to see competing events and professional workshops. It takes place around 17-20 October every year.

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St, Xavier college in Mumbai is quiet famous institution and its fest malhar is also very much familiarized among students. It is consider to to be largest cultural fest in India with superb events involving fine arts, theatricals, story theme, dance performance .It is expected  that in upcoming year ,a lot of fun and interest have been added. Malhar takes place in august between 5 -9 august every year.

  1. Riviera

The institute of technology in Vellore organizes a youth fest called Riviera which is considered to be the most auspicious cultural fest in southern cities. It lasts till four days involving Over 100 activities and events. The most liked even by students is marathon and debate activities. Every year in Jan or February, nearly 3000 students form 600 colleges attend this fest.

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  1. Saarang

Another beloved fest saarang by IIT madras is highly appreciated by Indians. Saarang lasts till five days comprising full adventure, fun and performance by students of various colleges. Here, visitors will get the opportunity to attend the speech of eminent personalities, cultural shows, dance and rock shows. It usually takes place between on 7-11 January every year.

  1. Oasis

This fest will definitely be rememberable to your for years. It is basically 90 hours cultural fest which is organized by BITS pilani every year form 31 October to 4 November. A lot of commotion and fun including big celebrities are the part of this festival. This is also known by its theme name “90s show”. It run whole night with full enthusiasm and students from all over India attend this event.

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  1. Waves

Another marvelous fest waves which is also organized by the BITS pilani in goa .a large number of students around 50000 including participants attend this festival .the main core of this cultural festivals are personality and rock competition .Apart from this, various other brilliant events are included in waves like fashion show, JAM, workshop, quizzes and many more. It lasts form end of October to November staring every year.

  1. MOODI

Indian institute of technology in Mumbai organize this amazing fest MOODI every year. It is stunning festival involving well known celebrities performance and events like fine arts, music performance, dance, digital arts, speech competition, dramatics and many more. So, if you are looking for best wonderful fest in India, then MOODI is perfect choice. Here, students will get to enjoy with amazing artist including hariharan, zakir hussain, raghu dixit, etc. It takes place on 16-29 December each year.

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Hence, we have discussed the amazing Highly Sought Out College Fests In India. For more updates, viewers are recommended to stay connected with our web portal.ie coolexample.in.

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