Confused With How To Take Good Selfie? Follow These Tips and Take Awesome Selfies

Confused With How To Take Good Selfie?

The pictures that you put on social media give clues to others about who you are and what is your style of living. So taking perfect selfie is a big issue. If you are Confused with How to Take Good Selfie, here’re few tips to take awesome selfies. Before capturing a snap, make sure you are holding the phone correctly. To make selfie look extraordinary, you can use nonverbal cues like more movement, open mouth, gazing away from the camera or you can be more professional with the movie by front facing the camera, eye contact or making less movement. These expressions will make your selfie more expressive and attention gaining. Your selfie is your first impression so make it true to reality, authentic and positive by following tricks to take good selfies.

Confused With How To Take Good Selfie?

How To Take The Perfect Selfie ?

  1. Know Your Angles

Know Your Angles

Many people prefer to take selfies without considering angles. So which is the best angle to take extremely beautiful picture without appearing artificially pasty? Well, there is science behind choosing angles for perfect shot. When you are capturing snaps from above, you look dull and in need of protection. When you capture snaps from below, you seem to be more self-confident, social and eye-catching.  When you capture snaps from front, you look more trustworthy, open-minded and kind. So, now it’s up to you how you want to look like!!

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  1. Show the Real Smile

Show the Real Smile

Many people look fake in picture but what would be the reason behind this? Well our microexpression makes the snaps look lively or fake. A microexpression is an involuntary facial expression that happens when someone feels a strong emotion. To make the photos look real and genuine, show true happiness. To do so think about the things that actually makes you feel happy.

  1. Beware Of Contempt

Beware Of Contempt

Contempt is a one sided mouth lift or smirk. You can also call this expression as a negative facial expression. Make sure you NEVER have a smirk in your snaps unless you intentionally want to show negative attitude in snaps.

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  1. Avoid Fear

Avoid Fear

Avoid microexpression representing Fear. When you raise your eyebrows and eyelids as wide and open your mouth to like you are screaming or taking in a quick breath it looks really unnatural and represents low confidence, fearful and anxious. Well who wants to looks like this? Avoid this microexpression and surly you’ll capture a much real and attention grabbing selfie.

  1. Expansion


There are universal power body language moves that make a snap more powerful and attractive. Taking more physical space gives more confidence and the snap look commanding. When the forehead and chest are pointed up, arms and legs are unclosed and shoulders are rolled back, more confidence is shown.

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  1. Colors


The colors you wear and use while taking a selfie gives all kinds of signals and this is recognized as color psychology. If your complexion is fair prefer wearing blue, red, black, white, baby pink colored dresses and if you are of dark complexion, Black, pastel shades, blue, green, orange, yellow and pink makes you look fabulous.

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  1. Use Good Light

Use Good Light

If you want to capture a high-quality selfies you must capture snaps in good light. Dull light can make your selfie unflattering and hard to see. Day light is the best to take an awesome selfie.

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