15+ Cool Hair Colors Ideas Best in 2018 | Summer/Winter Shades, Best for Women

Cool Hair Colors Ideas

Today, we are going to share with you some of the trending and new cool hair colors ideas to enhance your features and personality. Where blorange hair color is the most famous hair color shade among ladies, let’s make you familiar with some mind blowing hair colors that are going to rule 2018. Here’re Summer/Winter Shades, Best for Women and Men who love to experiment with their looks and want to keep up with the new trends. So, check out 15+ Cool Hair Color Ideas Best recommended for you.

15+ Cool Hair Colors Ideas Best in 2018

1. Sparkling Gray Hair Color

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Sparkling Gray Hair Color)

Grey seems to be the hottest hair color trend of the coming year. Many famed celebs stepped up with grey and made this color shine in the world. Grey color shades are also cool hair colors for guys. Rock this unique tone with slightly white shade, trade gently with icy-cool and silver toners. It’s time to represent your personality with bold looks.

2. Ocean Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Ocean Hair Colors)

Instagram has made it a trending shade again. Various ways are formed to generate a beach inspired looks. You can paint your hair differently with some ocean colors and make your personality stand out of crowd. Ocean hair color has changed the trend of this world with its subtle hints of green, teal, turquoise and many more shades.

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3. Burnt Orange Hair Color

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Burnt Orange Hair Color)

Well, Burnt Orange colors has gained abundant of popularity so far and are really cool hair colors. It’s time to experiment the looks with is unique shade. This shade is a mix of vibrant red and orange tones. This shade is usually fit for wild nature people but suits every skin tone. Find out the cons and pros of rocking this bold hair color.

4. Natural Balayage Hair Color/ Cool Natural Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Natural Balayage Hair Color/ Cool Natural Hair Colors)

Natural Balayage Hair Colors is best for your ultimate inspiration. Balayage adds natural highlights to your hair seamlessly. It also makes them look just too natural, thanks to the French technique. Ladies love this technique as it works great on any hair color and texture. Natural Balayage Hair Colors are also cool hair colors for men.

5. White Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (White Hair Colors)

White Hair Colors represents all those platinum and silvery shades that we daily encounter on Instagram. This hair color is really famous among celebrities who change the trend with their experimental looks. This is the cool hair colors for short hair. With this hair color striking waves and curls are most popular. Blonde hair colors flatter light skin tone the most but we are encountering many dark-skinned ladies who try this trend.

6. Natural-Looking Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Natural-Looking Hair Colors)

All the efforts made by some popular hair colorist have come up with this widely use hair color that will be in trend even in 2018. Natural hues have left brightest and craziest shades behind and so many people prefer things natural. The best part of these hair shades is that it complements every skin tone.

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7. Unicorn Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Unicorn Hair Colors)

This is one of the most cool hair colors for girls who love to play with their looks. Pastels and unnatural hues like this have gained a unique yet popular space in hair color trend. It gives an extra attentive looks and best for the ones who always picking up an unconventional hue.

8. Millennial Pink Hair Color

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Millennial Pink Hair Color)

Pink has always been girls favourite and this feminine hair color is pacing its roots in latest trend. This millennial pink hair color has become a trending hair color because of Instagram. Rock your hair with your very own version of millennial pink hair color. Before trying, make sure that your hair colorist is skilled enough to provide you a chic hair color like this.

9. Blonde Brown Balayage hair Color

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Blonde Brown Balayage hair Color)

Brown and blonde shades are blended into each other seamlessly to give an appealing style. Balayage made this so popular today. If you love to look more natural then this color is best recommended for you as it gives a natural looking appearance. The combination of these tones gives a vibrant hair color.

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10. Pixelated Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Pixelated Hair Colors)

Pixelated Hair Colors is another hot hair color that has gained a special place in the world of hair artistry. This hair color is although new, but attracted most of the people who love to have bold and edgy look with graphics introduced on the hair. This eye-catchy hair color will make you look different and stunning.

11. Caramel hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Caramel hair Colors)

Caramel hair highlights is the best option to refresh your existing hair color. Caramel hair Colors gives a pure look when paired with blonde hair color. This hair color complements numerous skin tones but you should still consult your hair colorist before pulling off the shade.

12. Ash Brown Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Ash Brown Hair Colors)

If you love smoked up hues, Ash Brown hair color is the best for you. Ash brown hair colors happen when natural brown shade is painted with silver highlights. This is not at all a light shade and you will need to bleach your hair to get a perfect look. Ash Brown Hair Colors are the cool colors to dye your hair.

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13. Fresh Red Hair Colors

Fresh Red Hair Colors

Fresh Red Hair Colors are the most impressive color shades of all the time. It seems the trend is still pretty much desired as redheads grab lots of attention. Fairy reds and deep burgundy tones go for every age. Science studies prove that a little percentage of population has been born and gifted with reddish hair. But if you are in love with this color, your colorist can transform you hair color to redhead.

14. Summer Hair Colors/ Cool Summer Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Summer Hair Colors/ Cool Summer Hair Colors)

For an appealing looks, transform your hair color with sun-kissed effects. Some celebs believe that these cool-toned hair colors are no less attractive in the summertime. This type of hair color looks brighter and shinier.

15. Rose Gold Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Rose Gold Hair Colors)

Rose gold hair color is still the best and lovable shade for females. When red pink meets blonde, a new hair color is formed that complements almost all skin tones. For such an head turning looks, you really need a great hair colorist.

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16. Bold Blue Ombre Hair Colors/ Cool Ombre Hair Colors

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Bold Blue Ombre Hair Colors/ Cool Ombre Hair Colors)

For your next big transformation, try Bold Blue Ombre Hair Colors. This shade comes in various shapes like dip-dye, balayage, color melt etc. Apart from being versatile, blue color can be used in multiple styles. So, bring the bold girl hidden inside you with this cool hair dye colors.

17. Purple Balayage Hair Color

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Purple Balayage Hair Color)

With Purple Balayage Hair Color you can dye your hair with an unnatural and uncommon shade. Purple can be personalized according to your own taste. Purple Balayage Hair Color flatters almost every skin tone. It is a bright and feminine shade that women loves to experiment on their hair.

18. Mermaid Hair Color

Cool Hair Color Ideas (Mermaid Hair Color)

From now on you can involve Mermaid Hair Colors into your “must try” list. The hair color that you are gazing at is from the collection of famous beauty blogger and fashion influencer “Nyane Lebajoa”. The vibrant and bright shades of Mermaid Hair Colors will make you feel confident and beautiful.

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