Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in India| Deadliest Dog Breeds List

Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in India

Dogs are the human’s best friend and admired for their sincerity and loyalty but are the biggest enemy as well. Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds In India have been scrutinized throughout this page to keep you aware. Since ancient times, lots of appreciation has been gained by the Indian dogs for their sincerity love. One the positive side dogs can the most loyal friend but can prove harmful as well. You must have heard about various cases regarding dog bites especially about the street dogs.

Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in India

But in reality, not only street dogs responsible for the injuries but pet’s dogs are also responsible in few cases. Therefore, good care and training should be provided to have less harms cases. Although, there are some deadliest dog breeds who are categorized as dangerous since birth due to their genes. According to studies, despite of proper care, there are some dog breeds that can still be dangerous in few cases. Just check out the list of dangerous dog breeds so that you can be careful while dealing with them.

Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in India

  1. Himalayan Guard Dog
  2. Pit Bulls
  3. Rottweilers
  4. Bully Kutta (Indian Mastiff)
  5. Boxer
  6. Huskies
  7. Rampur Hound
  8. Kashmir Sheepdog
  9. Presa Canario
  10. Dalmatian

Deadliest Dog Breeds

  1. Himalayan Guard Dog

The most dangerous dog breed is Himalayan guards who are calm and very caring but cannot tolerate if something bad happens. They can bear other breed company but an adult Himalayan guard dog has the capability to tackle two big animals alone. Generally they are calm but prove to be very harmful when something wrong happens.

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  1. Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are the most deadly breed often find very aggressive in nature. Their look also signifies their deadliest behavior. If you are looking to buy a pit bull, then make sure to be responsible dog owner otherwise you have to deal with their destructive behavior. These dogs will remain good with you as long as you remain caring for them.

  1. Rottweilers

Rottweiler is the most preferred choice of people due to their sincerity and loyalty towards dog owners. They are very powerful breed with dangerous jaws .They don’t like the company of other dog breed but in term of safety, if they find their owner in dangerous situation, Rottweiler’s prove to be very destructive.

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  1. Bully Kutta (Indian Mastiff)

Indian mastiff also known by bully kutta is the strongest dog breed .They has powerful body with hey bones and strong fighting skills. Bully kutta can result into a dangerous pet for other animals because they are very much strong form wild animals .But their spirit and effective fighting skills proves very useful for their owner’s safety.

  1. Boxer

In India, one of the most preferred choices of people is boxer; they are very friendly love to play. Their strong brains and energy level sometimes results in aggressiveness which is very difficult to deal. So, they can be suitable dog breed when it comes to protection of owner.

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  1. Huskies

If you want to buy a dog and a beginner, and then this dog is not at all safe for you. Although, huskies are very intelligent dog breeds but their training is the most important things. Without proper training, they can be very dangerous up to the life of person.

  1. Rampur Hound

One of the most deadly dog breed is Rampur hound who are very popular for fighting with other wild dogs. Earlier, these dogs were pre –owned to hunt rabbits, deer and various other animals. They have excellent running speed along with good stamina. When things go beyond control, they can be wildest dog.

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  1. Kashmir Sheepdog

Kashmir sheepdog was basically preferred by “gujjars” in India to protect themselves from wild animals like bear and sheep. In fact they are also known as livestock protector because of their long legs, powerful body and strong bones. Now majority of people are demanding Kashmir sheepdog for their protection.

  1. Presa Canario

During 18 century, presa canario dog breeds were very much considered for the purpose of war and hunting. Just one attract by this dog breed most of times results in dead. They are fearless and have preposterous power to fight with other animals.

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  1. Dalmatians

Dalmatians were the favorite choice of hunters and warriors. Indian shepherd consider them very useful in protecting them from dangerous situations. Although, they are very protective dog and but sometimes their hostile behavior results harmful.

So we have provided Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds In India so that you will be more careful in dealing them. Stay connected with for more updates.

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