Delhi Air Pollution Calamity, Declared as Emergency by Indian Government

Delhi Air Pollution Calamity

Delhi Air Pollution CalamityAccording to Survey Report, Delhi (Metro politician city) is the most polluted City of the World. Delhi Air Pollution Calamity, it has been declared Emergency by Indian Government due to harmful and toxic Air Pollution. This situation is actually having a very harmful effect on the health of the people. In this emergency, Construction sites, schools and traffic will be temporarily closed.

Indian Government has declared emergency due to six days of heavy Smog as these harmful particles impact is so high, quite tough to measure by most air quality instruments. Diwali (festival of lights) causes so much Air pollution in the city due to burning of crackers and firework.  The level of Toxic harmful Particles was found to be PM 2.5 which shows decrease in Delhi Air Quality.

Delhi Air Pollution Calamity

Tips to Cope up with Delhi Air Pollution

  • Neighboring States are called to enforce laws which are against the burning of Agricultural wastes as it causes huge Air pollution in the City.
  • Five day ban on Construction and Demolition, as it is considered to be a major cause of Harmful Air Pollution.
  • Schools will be closed for three days, as its main purpose is to secure the life of the Children so as to protect them from Asthma, lung Cancer, Skin Problems etc.

Delhi Air Pollution Calamity

  • Power Plants are shut down and Construction work is halted in Delhi due to worse conditions in the atmosphere.
  • People must stay home so as to protect themselves from its harmful effects or either they can work from home also.
  • In Badarpur (South East Delhi), Coal – fired power station along with diesel generators, will not be used for 10 days.
  • Burning of large fields by fire in Haryana and Punjab are the main cause of these toxic and dangerous Air pollutants.
  • Delhi Students wear Masks to protect and keep them safe from its hazardous effects.
  • No more leaves will be burnt in Delhi; if anyone is found doing this activity strict action will be taken by the inspector of Delhi.

Diseases to Stay Away from Delhi Air Pollution Calamity

  • Lung Cancer
  • Skin Problems
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Ischaemic Heart Disease
  • Slow Brain Development

Effects of Delhi Air Pollution Calamity

  • Accident took place on Delhi Expressway in which 20 Cars were piled up due to fog and less visibility.
  • Delhi air is polluted due to emissions of industrial wastes, burning of crackers and forest fire by farmers in Punjab and Haryana.

Delhi Air Pollution Calamity

  • A Large number of Persons are hospitalized who suffers from diseases like Lung Cancer, Asthma, Skin problems etc. which is increasing day by day.
  • People have not seen the Sunrise more than a week in Delhi, due to the Smog and toxic Fog that spreads in the air.

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