Do You Have A Bike? Can Earn Money Every Month – Read Full Story

Do You Have A Bike? Can Earn Money Every Month – Read Full Story

Here is a great chance for passionate bike riders to earn money. You will be amazed to know that with this bike based business you can earn upto 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month. PM Modi will soon introduce a plan called Bike Taxi Scheme, aiming to generate jobs for unemployed youth. Under this scheme, bikers will be able to get commercial permits and licenses to run their two-wheelers as taxi and earn money.

At present, Bike-Taxi or Baxi scheme is been run in some chosen cities, but PM Modi wants to launch bike taxi scheme across the country so that lakhs of people can be employed. Emergence of Bike Taxi In India seems to be a crucial step of government in pacing the employment rate of the Indian youth.  Let’s know what the bike taxi is and how you can earn money with this scheme. Bike taxi service is the easiest way to earn money with your bike. Women is also welcomed to participate in this money making scheme and it is totally secured and safe for them.

What is Bike Taxi

Bike taxi scheme will be soon launced by PM Modi through which bikers can use their bike as a taxi. Many countries run bike taxi scheme, but in India only Bengaluru and Gurgaon is featuring bike taxi services. You can easily book a bike taxi through the mobile app or you can reach the nearest metro station or bus stop and avail this facility. Like a cab, bus or taxi, you can book a bike taxi and reach your destination safely. For the ones who love to ride a bike this profession is like icing on the cake.

Bike riders charge rent just like taxi, OLA or cab. Bike taxi riders in Gurgaon charge 10 rupees for one kilometer and then 7 rupees per kilometer. As soon as the bike rider starts riding, the GPS-based app commences its working and calculates kilometers left to reach the destination.

What You Need To Run A Bike Taxi

If you want to run a bike taxi, then you have to contact the bike taxi aggregator company. After telling them about your bike, you have to apply for a commercial license. Though a commercial license of the bike is being offered in only a few selected states, but the company will help you to obtain the license. According to the new plan of Modi Government, soon everyone is able to access commercial license in their own state.

How You Can Earn Money

You can start working with the aggregator company after by getting the license. The company keeps the full details of the money taken from the ride, but you only have to pay a fixed amount to the company, which can be up to 10 percent. According to a bike driver of Gurgaon, a bike rider earns 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month after spending all the expenses such as company commission and gasoline expenditure.

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