Does Your Phone Battery Discharge Quickly? Here’s Trick To Fix The Problem

Does Your Phone Battery Discharge Quickly? 

Does the battery of your phone discharge quickly? If this happens with you all the time and you are pissed off with this issue then here’s Trick to Fix the Problem. The first and foremost thing you should do is to check where battery is going to cost the most. If some apps are not in use then it’s better to uninstall it rather than chasing the logo of these apps. LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are in every phone today, but do you really need these features 24 hours? A number of factors have conspired to reduce this never ending issue of quick battery discharge. So, there’s plenty you can do to save battery life. Try these tips to extend your phone’s battery life.

Trick To make Your android Battery Long Lasting?

  1. Vibration


Never keep your phone on vibration mode for a long time. Battery generates excess power to make the phone vibrate. This in turn consumes more battery and the phone gets discharged quickly.

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  1. Apps Falling Behind The Times

Apps Falling Behind The Times

Keep your apps updated as most of the time developers update new version of apps to optimize the use of memory or battery. Also, delete old apps that you no longer use, as these may be running background processes that consumes RAM and battery life.

  1. Adaptive/Auto Brightness

Adaptive/Auto Brightness

Don’t use auto-brightness feature to reduce the use of battery power. Adaptive/Auto Brightness option may sound useful, but this feature display brightness way brighter than you really need. It’s better if you manually set the brightness as per your comfort. This is the best trick to improve your battery life.

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  1. Connectivity


When not in use, turn off GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data. Turning off location too and this will increase battery life of your Android device. These connectivity options consume lot of battery, resulting in quick battery discharge.

  1. Apps running in the background

Apps running in the background

Trim the apps that are not in use and are running in the background. For this, go to the Settings > Apps, swipe to the left and from the list of currently running apps, tap on each one to check their functioning. Stop any apps that you don’t require and are running in the background all the time.

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  1. Home Screen Widgets and live wallpaper

Home Screen Widgets and live wallpaper

Avoid using unnecessary home Screen Widgets and live wallpaper. If you think that these cool looking wallpapers on the home screen are only active when the screen turns on, well you are totally wrong. Same goes for widgets that poll status updates in the background. Removing unnecessary Widgets and live wallpaper will extend your battery life and you should definitely try this trick.

  1. Greenify App

Greenify App

Greenify Android App actually works to optimize performance and increase battery life. Greenify permits the users to put apps into hibernation mode when they are not in use, avoiding battery consuming apps from operating in the background. This also frees up some internal storage space and boosts battery performance.

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  1. Signal Strength

Signal Strength

If you’re in poor network coverage area, your smartphone will work harder to fetch strong-enough signals. This in turn consumes lots of battery. Well, you can’t do anything to handle this situation, but take into consideration that this could be the reason behind an apparently weak battery. To avoid this, keep the phone into Airplane mode if you don’t need data or calls.

So, these are the tricks to increase battery life of android phones. For more cool facts, stay connected with us at

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