Ever Wondered Why Doctors Have Bad Handwriting? Read Full Story To Know

Ever Wondered Why Doctors Have Bad Handwriting?

When you get a new prescription from your doctor, you may not be able to decipher what is written on it. But did you Ever Wondered Why Doctors Have Bad Handwriting? No matter how much genius you are, you can read only the few words written on Doctor’s prescriptions. But do you know that doctors do not deliberately write in such a filthy handwriting rather, there is a special reason behind this.

According to a survey, about 7,000 people worldwide die due as they couldn’t understand what doctors have writing on the prescription. It has also been disclosed that many times a medical shopkeeper cannot understand the doctor’s handwriting and give the wrong medicines. Only few people are able to understand what is written in the prescription, when the medicine is to be taken, what is the purpose of the medicine and yah the right pronunciation of the medicines.

Ever Wondered Why Doctors Have Bad Handwriting?

On the website Quora, many people asked the question Why Doctors Have Bad Handwriting? A woman doctor named Arushi Sharma has answered this logical question. According to her, Doctors have doctors have worked extremely hard to join this profession. They have completed lengthy exams in less time. Because of this, they always write very fast. Due to this, the handwriting of doctors is bad.

This is the reason that the handwriting of most doctors becomes so bad that it is difficult for most of the people to understand it. MCI has given guidelines to doctors so that people can understand what they have written. It has been mentioned that each and every doctor should make use of capital letters when writing prescriptions.

From now, doctors need to completely explain the prescription to the patients in written form. As per MCI, hopeful doctors will implement this guidance.

So, this is why doctors have bad handwriting that no ordinary person can understand. For more cool stuff on the go, stay connected with us only at coolexample.in

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