Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India| Insanely Costly Dog Breeds

Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India

Due to a great demand of active and faithful dogs in Today’s scenario, we are cataloging Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India. Every breed of dog has its own characteristics; Dogs are not only a good companion of human being but also one of the best protectors on the earth. In an effort to defend the owner, they act insanely in front of strangers. Everyone is familiar with most faithful and loyal animal of human beings which is none other than Dogs, recognized as a Best pet to be adopted. Due to rarity or purity of breed, they become costly to buy.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India

Through considering crucial factors like dog’s health issues, grooming and training requirements, suitability in various climatic conditions, you may buy Dog Breeds in India. They are our personal companion as they are most loyal, Affectionate, fearless, forgiving and Intelligent Animals. “What a beautiful world it would be…if People had Heart’s like Dogs”. Besides this, price is secondary feature as utmost security of family is must which is accessible through buying Alert, devoted, loving and sociable breed. These Dogs are on the Top Positions in India. Just have a glance on Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India

  1. Lowchen
  2. Rottweiler
  3. Samoyed
  4. German Shepherd
  5. Tibetan Mastiff
  6. Canadian Eskimo Dog
  7. Akita
  8. Chinese Crested Hairless
  9. Pharaoh Hound
  10. Chow Chow

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Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India

  1. Lowchen

Considered one of the Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India, has its origin from France, Germany. Widely recognized as a non-sporting dog by American Kennel Club, most rare and unique dog breeds are termed as Toy Dogs also. Best breed yet expensive but acts as a excellent companion, possess a positive and outgoing attitude, soft and silky coat texture, easily trained. In India, they have a high demand as they are faithful, respond best to gentle, fair, fun, and consistent guidance. Besides this, they are also known as Little Lion Dog as they are having typically trimmed to resemble like a lion.

Origin Medieva, France and Germany
Height Male: 30-35.6cm
Female: 28-33cm
Weight Male: 5.4-8.1 Kg
Female: 4.5-6.8 Kg
Temperament Active, well-balanced, extremely intelligent, affectionate, and sociable
Colors All Colors including Brown
Life Span 12–14 years


  1. Rottweiler

Here is another Most Expensive Dog Breeds which is none other than Rottweiler. They are Rescue dogs, Police dogs most popularly known as Guide Dogs for Blind. Being featured with large size, Double-coated, short, hard and thick, mastiff-type, they are insanely and Costly Dog Breeds of India. Dog Lovers adore them due to good-natured, placid, devoted and obedient temperament. Act as Defenders in Military or Police field, they are aggressive to strangers and other animals too. Proper Training makes them sociable and Friendly with Human Beings.


Origin Germany
Height Male: 61-69cm
Female: 56-63cm
Weight Male:50-60 Kg
Female: 35-48Kg
Temperament calm, confident, courageous, very devoted, obedient and Fearless
Colors Black, Mahogany, Tan
Life Span 8–10 years


  1. Samoyed

Moving next among the list of Most Expensive Dog Breeds, we find Samoyed, having a life span of 12-13 years, originated from Northwest Russia, come under the large breed of Herding Dog, but sometimes acts as an Insane, while reacting dangerously to strangers in an effort to safeguard the owner.  Also known by Bjelkier, Samoiedskaya Sobaka, Nenetskaya Laika Names, but popularly known as “Smiley” or “Sammy” by Dog Lovers. Their lovely and playful nature makes everyone aficionado for Dog Breeds in India. Apart of it, they act as excellent companions for little children as well as an old age persons. However, Samoyed is a little Stubborn but Sociable breed on Earth.

Origin Northwest Russia and Western Siberia
Height Male: 51-56cm
Female: 46-51cm
Weight Male: 20–32 kg
Female: 17–25 kg,
Temperament Lively, Playful, Alert, Friendly, Stubborn, Sociable
Colors White, White & Biscuit, Cream
Life Span 12 – 13 years

  1. German Shepherd

Placed at number four, here is German shepherd, popularly known as “AlsatianDeutscher” in the world of Dog Breeds. Their Black Saddlery color makes them unique from others. Originally developed to guard and herd flocks of sheep, now termed as most Curious, Alert and obedient dogs which you can buy at a little bit expensive price in India. One can use these Dog Breeds for Search, Rescue, Police, Military Field, and Disability Assistance Purpose. By getting proper training, they become sociable, friendly but a little bit insane, dangerous also, sight to strangers. Better option when compared to Samoyed or Pharaoh hound in terms of safety and appearance.

Origin Germany
Height Male: 60–65 cm
Female: 55–60 cm
Weight Male:  30–40 kg
Female: 22–32 kg
Temperament Watchful, Alert, Curious, Obedient, Loyal, Confident, Courageous, Intelligent
Colors Black, Grey, Sable, Black & Tan, Red & Black, Black & Silver
Life Span 9 – 13 years


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  1. Tibetan Mastiff

For Dog Lovers, Tibetan Mastiff is among the best choice to be adopted when going for buying best expensive Dog Breeds. Having its origin from Tibet, China, Nepal, Ladakh, and Central Asia, Mastiff is Strong Willed, Protective, Aloof, Tenacious, Stubborn and Intelligent Breed having a life span of 12-15 years. However, it is widely used as guardian of herds, flocks, tents, villages, monasteries from the earlier times. The amazing fact that put our attention, Tibetan Mastiff sleeps in the day to be more alert at night. By developing a deep feeling with the people they love, they act as a guardian and protector for the owner.

Origin Tibet
Height Male:  66–76 cm
Female: 61–71 cm
Weight Male:  45–73 kg
Female: 34–54 kg
Temperament Strong Willed, Protective, Aloof, Tenacious, Stubborn, Intelligent
Colors Black, Blue Gray, Brown & Tan, Black & Tan, Red Gold, Brown
Life Span 12 – 15 years


  1. Canadian Eskimo Dog


 Arctic breed of working dog, Canadian Eskimo has their origin from Canada which comes under Oldest North America. They are among the powerfully built, athletic, and imposing Breeds of India. By developing a deep bond with owner, they are considered as loyal, tough, brave, intelligent and alert Dog Breeds. Unlike to many Spitz breeds, they are very trainable and submissive animals on the earth. Featured with a Thick and dense coat, its price in India varies from location to Location. Considered as a good guard dogs in order to provide safety to the owner, they are among the affectionate ans Sociable breeds on the earth.

Origin Canada
Height Male:  58–70 cm
Female: 50–60 cm
Weight Male:  30–40 kg
Female: 18–30 kg
Temperament Alert, Loyal, Brave, Tough, Intelligent, Affectionate
Colors Black, White, Red, Grey, Black & White, Liver
Life Span 11-13 Years


  1. Akita

Generally known as “Akita ken”, “Japanese Akita”, American Akita, it is among the Great Japanese Dog of India. After a proper training, they act as a Dignified Companion of Men in providing Safety from strangers. Easily available in India, their price varies from location to location. Everyone is aware about super active expensive breed, excessively possessive for the family. Having a life span of 10-15 years, they are mostly adored species loved by everyone. Sometimes, these pet becomes temperamental if the young children try to play with them. Extremely Dominant in Nature, they make each and every effort so as to defend the owner from adverse situations.


Origin Japan
Height Male:  66–71 cm
Female: 61–66 cm
Weight Male:  45–59 kg
Female: 32–45 kg
Temperament Alert, Docile, Friendly, Responsive, Courageous, Dignified
Colors White, Pinto, Red, Fawn, Brindle
Life Span 10 – 15 years

  1. Chinese Crested Hairless

Moving next in an exclusive variety of Most Expensive Dog Breeds, here is Chinese Crested Hairless breed, having its origin from Africa, China and Mexico. For the ones who are blessed with appreciating dogs from a variety of animals, it is the most exotic breed with wise accessibility in India. Due to striking appearance, they are among the eyes of every purchaser.  They attach a bond with family members very easily and are most obedient dog breeds. Their colors like Black, Chocolate, Tri-color, Blue, Cream, Apricot make them lovable in every part of the country.

Origin Africa, China, Mexico
Height 10–13 inches
Weight  7–12 lbs/4–5 kg
Temperament  Lively, Playful, Alert, Sweet-Tempered, Happy, Affectionate
Colors Black, Chocolate, Tri-color, Blue, Cream, Apricot
Life Span 13 – 15 years


  1. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh is a national hound of Malta, traditionally used for hunting rabbit in the Maltese Islands. Having a Life span of 11 – 14 years, they are graceful, elegant as well as powerful and athletic dogs. Remember one thing before buying Pharaoh Hound, they tire easily when you give them repetitive commands but still in demand due to  Playful, Active and Affectionate nature. By means of Sociable temperament, they remain unimpressed by the pyramids. A popular myth spread about them that they are descended from the Tesem, one of the ancient Egyptian hunting dogs.

Origin Malta
Height Female: 53–61 cm
Male: 55–63 cm
Weight Female: 18–27 kg
Male: 18–27 kg
Temperament Playful, Active, Intelligent, Affectionate, Trainable, Sociable
Colors Rich Tan, Chestnut, Tan, Red Golden
Life Span 11 – 14 years


  1. Chow Chow

With a Thick and coarse coat, here is Chow Chow with Loyal and somewhat Quiet nature but acts as a faithful breed for defending human beings from adverse situations. In a broad skull and small erect ears, they are having beautiful, very dense double coat that is either smooth or rough in nature. While becoming fiercely protective agents, they work best in providing shelter to the owner. Also, it serves as best for hunting, birding and safeguard use. Through continuous exercise, they become active and establish a loyal bond with friends and Family members.

Origin China
Height Female: 46–51 cm
Male: 48–56 cm
Weight Female:  20–27 kg
Male: 25–32 kg
Temperament Aloof, Loyal, Quiet, Independent
Colors  Black, Blue, Red, Fawn, Cream
Life Span 9 – 15 years

This is all about Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India. For Dog Lovers, it is the best time to buy Dogs as they are most faithful, alert and sociable animals on the earth. For more upcoming updates regarding Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in India, stick to our web portal

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