Facebook Messenger Lite Launched In India: Read Complete Specification

Facebook Messenger Lite Launched In India

One of the leading and biggest social media platform, facebook is all set to come up with its new app. Recently facebook messenger Lite launched in India has been unveiled by the firm. The prime objective of the facebook behind introducing this lighter version of app is due to the low speed of internet.

 Well, earlier users used to find difficult sometime in browsing the news, connect with friends or family, not able to chat properly. Therefore, taken all these things under consideration, the corporation had introduced Lite version in India through which users can hassle free browse and enjoy the experience of social connection.

Now ether you are having bad internet connection or low bandwidth, you don’t have to worry about it. Just download this lite version and have a good experience of connecting with your loved ones. In fact, the firm is laying it focus on the users who are having common Smartphone as well as poor net connection and aims to provide term superior services.

Facebook Messenger Lite Launched In India

Facebook Messenger Lite Launched In India

Recently, the firm had also stated that this app is very easy and convenient to be installed in the device and the most significant thing is that it can be used on all the mobile networks.

 Now people will be have good access to share photos, messages, links, text with their fiends and near ones through this app/ as per the FB, this will also be comprises of a logo of messenger with a  white color background. When it comes to the download capacity, then it just required only 10 MB to download.

 If we compared it to the normal messenger application on any android phone, then they are of normally 30- 40 MB. Just like Iphone app which takes nearly 300 MB to get installed. So, Fb users must be very excited to use this new feature but unfortunely its benefits cannot be availed by the iphone users.

Facebook Lite Messenger Features

This new exciting app will comprise of some of the outstanding features that have been listed below-

  • Hassle free send text, images, stickers etc
  • Easy ability to receive images and text
  • It functions on every network.
  • You can transfer money to your contacts
  • Good quality video calls.

Well, people are finding the app. very interesting; in fact the firm is rapidly growing up due to the introduction of its new applications with exciting features. The company had received utmost Appreciation from all over the world and now it is among the most used and highly preferred social media platform.

 However, there is no doubt that this messenger app will surely going to like by all its users and they will definitely gonna appreciate the corporation.

Like Facebook Lite, the company has launched it in countries where mobile and internet users are growing rapidly. This app will be available to more and more mobile and will also reduce the consumption of data.

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