Facebook Messenger Tracking | How to Activate, Now Track Your Friends Location

Facebook Messenger Tracking

Facebook Messenger TrackingRecently, a brilliant social networking platform facebook has joined a new feature of Facebook Messenger Tracking. It is a just an amazing app through which you can easily track your friends location now. By using this app, people can share and display their location live for about one hour. There is strong predictions by the people that this step had been taken by the facebook to compete with the challenge laid down by the Google face and company apple.

Initially, the news had come that Google is providing a good feature called as “my friend “for featuring live location of friends. However, this feature is appreciated by the users but on other side it is ending own privacy of people. Keeping in mind all the cons of earlier introduced feature, facebook is coming with additional feature of its messenger application which is very useful in tracking your family and dear ones site for about 1 hour. According to the firm, this feature will assist other people to let them know your way and distance to be covered.

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Facebook Messenger Tracking

But the main question arises “how to activate this app on your mobile phone? But no need to tensed about, we have provided some easy ad effective steps to download this application long with some of its good uses. You just have to enable your application to share your status with family and friends. The interesting thing is that it will automatically get disable after completion of one hour; user need not have to switch it off. But yes, users have complete choice to disable the location tracking option if they wish to.

Fb Messenger Location Tracker

Let check out the effective steps to activate this amazing location tracking app

First users have to create their account online by signing up for free. Then enter your email id and password.

Now Download and install the Facebook messenger tracking app from online account

Observe all the recorded data and track your messages in your online account.

Or the simple way is to get it download from your play store application and install them to your android to avail it for free.

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However, below we have mentioned some steps below to use this wonderful app.

  1. First of all, choose the contact with whom you want to share your live location.
  2. Then, choose “more” icon.
  3. Now users have to select the location according to their preference from given options.
  4. You’ll get to see a complete map of current site with blue color button option to share your live location.
  5. Users can discontinue sharing their location anytime by pressing ‘Stop Sharing’ button appearing on the map.

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Giving out the information of live location is just optional, if you wish to share yours with your friends, and then can do so by following above steps for nearly 60 min. You must have heard that sometimes, people give you incorrect location and time but this feature allows you to provide correct information every time. Well it is expected that this new feature will result in useful and positive outcomes by the users. And this is especially been created by the company keeping in mind the safety usage of users.

We hope that your will like our above provided information regarding facebook messenger tracking. Stay tuned with coolexample.in for more updates.

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