Interesting Facts about British Rule in India: Shocking Truths you might not know

Interesting Facts about British Rule in India

It has been over 400 years from now since British were ruling India, but still the history couldn’t be forgotten. Here’s some Interesting Facts about British Rule in India that you might not know. Apart from few good deeds, India has suffered devilish things while British were ruling it. These shocking Truths will take you back in the era of British Colonial Period and surely you would sense the sufferings and strain that Indians faced in those days.

As we all know, India was once recognized as “Sone Ki Chirya” due to immense gold and gems in this beautiful country. This took British greed towards this country and slowly they took control on this Golden Bird. The contribution of Indian freedom fighters in liberating Indian is remarkable. Now it’s the time to show you something unrevealed!!! So take a look at some Interesting Facts about British Rule in India.

Interesting Facts about British Rule in India

  1. As Britain mercilessly misused India, around 15 and 29 million Indians died shocking deaths from starvation.

  1. Before the end of the nineteenth century, India was the world’s greatest buyer of British exports and a wellspring of highly paid employment to British civil employees. That money belonged to India.

  1. Britain’s Industrial Revolution was established because the Indian industry which was known for cloth production was de-industrialized. Indians were forced by the Britishers to import British products and this was the reason why Indians gave their support to industrial revolution.

  1. At the beginning of the 21st century, the total share of India to the world’s economy was 23% which was as large as all of Europe put together. The share decreased to less than 4% by the time the British left India.

  1. In 1943, after Winston Churchill intentionally ordered the diversion of food from starving Indian civilians to British soldiers and European stockpiles, some 4 million Bengalis died in the Great Bengal Famine.

  1. In the colonial era, no Indian was ever allowed to feel like a citizen of their own country. All Indians were merely subjects for the British.

  1. The main motive behind construction of Indian Railways was only for the British own benefit. The formation of railways covered the problem of transporting British goods from ports to all over India. British shareholders made extremely high amounts of money by investing their funds in the railways, where the government guaranteed to return extravagant amount on capital, paid for by Indian taxes.

  1. A kilometre of Indian railways cost double that of a kilometre in Canada and Australia. This clearly show the British greed!!!

  1. At the time of first world war, India contributed more soldiers to British forces than Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa combined.

  1. The well known “Koh-i-Noor” diamond belongs to India. It was stolen by the Britishers and it now rests on the royal crown of England.

  1. The English army was paid for from the revenues of India, and it amounted to £19,000,000 per annum. This is really high and unjust amount that was paid to the British army.

  1. At a rough estimate, a trillion dollars were looted by the Britishers, excluding the gems and other jewels.

  1. The Britishers destroyed Indian native languages. Indians adopted the use of English, even when they had an option to learn and continue to administer in their native language. In today’s era all our traditional languages are at the edge of extinction, primarily because of the British rule.

  1. Churchill notoriously had said, “Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?,” referring to the Bengal famine.

  1. In the Second World War, two and a half million Indians fought for British army. At the end of the war, Britain owed £1.25bn of the total £3bn war debt to India. It was just the tip of the ice shelf of colonial abuse.

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