Astonishing Facts About Kumbh Mela Ujjain: Positive And Negative Aspects

Astonishing Facts About Kumbh Mela Ujjain

The kumbh mela is the great pilgrimage of conviction in which devotees gather together to seek blessings from god by taking holy bath in sacred river. Well, we will have presented some Astonishing Facts About Kumbh Mela Ujaain that will definitely amaze you. Customarily, these four mentioned melas including Haridwar mela, Allahabad kumb mela, Ujjain simhastha and Nashik-Trimbakeshwar Simhastha are known as kumbh mela which takes place in any one of these following places like haridwar, Ujjain, nashik and Allahabad on Periodic basis.

Astonishing Facts About Kumbh Mela Ujjain

Undoubtedly, this is the biggest fair held in the world and takes place when Jupiter enters get in Aquarius. Moreover, great amount of business around 12,000 crore also expected to take place due to this mela. This precious occasion is comprised of several facts that’s must be known by each one of us.

People have high faith and pilgrimage towards this festival which held every three years with a great gathering of numerous devotes from all parts of India. So, are you ready to enjoy this eminent festival which is arriving soon? The pilgrims visit the river bank to take holy bath on this precious occasion. So, check out some interesting facts about maha kumbh mela provided below.

Astonishing Facts about Kumbh Mela Ujjain

Positive Aspects

  1. The most significant aspect maha kumbh mela in ujaain is that it is the brilliant place to remove all our wrong conducts and ego which is almost carries by each one of us. This place will get rid you from all desires and wishes attached to the world.

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  1. The positivity spread in this prosperous festival transfer automatically to each human body leading a spiritual and pure image of one. It is a remarkable experience which must not be missed or ignored by anyone. It is said that human body is signifies as kumbh which is comprised of anger, ego and lust and through this day, we can get rid of all these things to have true image.
  2. People strongly believed that during kumbh mela Ujjain, various immortal are active near the location of mela. Therefore, people worship there with full devotion so that all the worship reaches to god in return of good blessings.
  3. The kumbh mela is almost 2000 yrs old and still it is commemorated with lots of happiness and love. Its first evidence can be initiated in Chinese tourist, xuanzang accounts. This person had visited the country during king Harshavardhana rule.
  4. This fest in Ujjain is altogether different from other gatherings as there is no propaganda or advertisement issued for any invitation. Over thousands of foreigner’s take part in his holy festival making it more special.

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Negative Aspects

  1. The biggest negative aspect of kumbh mela is that it’s sometimes leaded to too much crowd that it is unmanageable to control. Therefore, authorities have to be appointed to control the overcrowding.
  2. At haridwar, when the kumbh mela took place nearly 47 people were died and 40 were badly injured due to unmanageable crowd. This incidence took place on 14 April, 1986.
  3. Apart from the haridwar incidence, few years back also, worse tragedies took place resulting in loss of various lives. Those incidences were about time period 1760 A.D where 18,000 people were killed, in 1795 A.D when 500 were killed and in 1953 A.D where 500 devotees were killed.
  4. Even the small gathering for short period of time during kumbh mela leads to negative effect on the environment and climate. The provisions of river quality during such gathering are the significant aspect as every devotee takes holy bath in the river.

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  1. Due to the fiction of religious waves in the river, any person who joins this precious festival will surely achieved the abrupt withdrawal of his / her mind and soul. His all wrong doers will be forgives and transformed into positive karma.

So, that’s all about astonishing facts about kumbh mela Ujjain. Stay tuned with our web portal i.e. for more updates.

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