Feeling Bored? Try These Cool Google Tricks And Enjoy

We often feel bored by doing the same stuff to entertain ourselves on web world. Well, Google has added spark to our lives as with it we can solve our queries, get our horoscope and extract info. But Google is much more than just a powerful search engine; there are some coolest hidden Google tricks that even internet freaks didn’t know. These tricks are only made to entertain Google users and to make their web experience go wild. Surely, these hidden Goggle tricks will break the daily boredom of your life and engage you into new adventures. So, check out These Cool Google Tricks And Enjoy life to its fullest.

Feeling Bored? Try These Cool Google Tricks And Enjoy

Cool Google Tricks You Should Know And Definitely Try 

  1. Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll is an amazing trick that Google has introduced to entertain its visitors. To enjoy this, you just need to simply logon to the Google homepage and in the search box enter “Do a barrel roll”. When you the press enter key, your digital screen would be tumbling upside down. Well, this is a sweet little Google trick that you can easily use.

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  1. The Atari breakout game

The Atari breakout game

The Atari breakout game is another hidden Google trick will keep you entertained for hours. We all play games but this amazing Google game hold a new set of entertainment. It’s very simple to install. Just go to Google and in the search bar, type “Atari Breakout”. You will see certain images of the game, now press on “Images”. When you hit the first image, the game would start.

  1. Google Sphere

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is still a hidden trick of Google that not many know. To access this feature, just type “Google Sphere” in the search box and instead of pressing enter key, press on “I’m feeling lucky”. Now the contents on the page would form a sphere shape and the overall sight become striking.

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  1. Flip a coin

Flip a coin

Flip a coin is a good feature for decision makers. This trick allows the user to get a “Heads” or “Tails”. With this trick you can toss the “Google way”, by pressing the mic on Google and saying, “Flip a coin”. After this, Google would start flipping and you will get either a “Heads” or a “Tails”.

  1. Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is one of the amazing Google entertaining tricks with which one can break boredom. To use this feature in the search box you just need to type “Google Gravity” and press “I’m feeling lucky”. As soon as you do that, Google screen would shatter down in pieces.

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  1. Face only

Face only

This might be a feature you probably didn’t know. Face only allows the users to get only the faces of actor or actress. Well accessing this cool Google feature is really easy. First of all search for a particular individual and then hit the images tab, there you’ll see many options for sorting. From there, you have to choose the option “Face”. Now you can enjoy watching only the faces of your favorite superstar.

  1. Meliza


Meliza is a stunning element of Google to chat with Aliens (Not literally). This Google Earth 5 feature permits the users to chat with an “Alien” by typing in search box “Meliza”. This is one of the most entertaining distractions hidden in Google Chrome.

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  1. Google Timer

Google Timer

Set a Timer is one of the cool Google tricks people never knew existed. On Goggle, users can even set a timer and for this they just need to type “Set timer for 5 minutes” (for instance) in the search box.

  1. Play animal sounds for kids

Play animal sounds for kids

Play animal sounds for kids is an amazing feature for which you need to type “Cat noises” in the search box and automatically a music icon will appear. Just press on that music icon and enjoy listening to delightful sound of “Meow”.

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  1. Play Pac-Man

Play Pac-Man

Play Pac-Man was formally introduced as a Google Doodle, but now has become quite popular as a game. To play this game you just need to type “Pac-Man” in the search box and now you are ready to play the game.

So with these Cool Google tricks you can break the daily boredom. For more cool and interesting stuff stay connected with us only at coolexample.in

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