Fitbit Flex 2 Price in India, Features, Reviews & Why to Buy It

Fitbit Flex 2 Price in India

 Fitbit Flex 2 Price in IndiaFourth latest fitness tracker of 2016, Fitbit has come up with Fitbit Flex 2 with its exclusive features and incredible looks. Have a gaze at Fitbit Flex 2 Price in India along with its elite features and many more. Don’t miss the reviews which make it a burly cause of your preference. Along with this, it is extremely thin, light and flexible to be worn with ease and comfort. Through additional attribute of trackers, it easily tracks various activities like walking, exercising, swimming etc.Have a look below to know why to buy it acts as a water resistant for the swimmers.

Fitbit Flex 2 Price in India 

Nothing better than it, in just Rs.9,499 only!!! Fitbit Flex 2 is offering serious value for money to it’s widely users. Most exclusive features of this trendy wrist band are listed as-

  • Flex 2 holds a tracker which you may take out from band and place it into other wearable like pendants and bracelets.
  • In order to suit your requirements, fitbit provides you with premium accessories and many more.
  • “Fitbit app” is an exclusive feature which makes it water resistant but only up to 50 metres. So, it is too beneficial for the swimmers.
  • Even, it is having LED light in it whose main purpose is to acts as an indicator for various alerts.
  • Apart of it, you may also experience called adventures as it helps to trail different locations which may prove to be an additional trait.

Why to Buy Fitbit Flex 2?

Ist Reason for your preference

  • Flex 2 is extremely thin and light

You will be astonished to perceive its size which is estimated to be 30 percent smaller than the first Flex model. It suits best when we compare with smart watch or traditional timepiece. Along with this, it is the activity tracking wristband for the ones who aren’t definite they truly yearn a wearable.

2nd Reason for your preference

  • Fitbit Flex 2 is really water resistant

Now, you may put it on your wrist without disquieting for getting wet into shower, pool or even ocean. But it is water resistant up to 50 meters, or about 164 feet inside deep water. Despite of the fact being water proof, after a default of 15 minutes, the “Fitbit mobile app” automatically detects swim workouts. Not only this, even you can do settings in it by entering a pool’s length (Account > Advanced Settings > Swim Settings). As a result, it will automatically work out the amount of pool lengths which you swam during water. Besides this, it will also warn you regarding how long you swam and how many calories you burned.

Fitbit Flex 2 is really water resistant

3rd Reason for your preference

  • Worn it in unique styles, trends and ways

Not merely this, Flex 2 is the first Fitbit designed to be worn as part of a bangle or in a pendant. Make your personality inimitable and special by wearing a newly style as per the youngsters’ trend…. Even “Fitbit’s guide” guides you related to appropriate styles and approaches of wearing it. It does not cost you more…

Fitbit Flex 2 Review

What we can assume from industry experts is that fitbit flex 2 will have the following features that will set it apart of rest of the bands under this range.

  • Being waterproof, it is in demand of the users due to its extremely thin and light weight traits.
  • Liked by customers due to its interchangeable band, bangle as well as pendant trait.
  • “Fitbit mobile app” acts as a tracker while swimming across 50 metres across the pool. It acts as a best tracker to swim.
  • It is comfortable to wear on wrist as well as proves best in providing a real value for money.

Finally, you acquire all the facts regarding Fitbit Flex 2 Price in India with incredible features like its thin shape and design. Despite of it, it proves to be water resistant which acts as a main cause of preference. Don’t forget to read its reviews and why to buy it. For more updates about fitbit flex 2 release date ,stay tuned with us at

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