Google now helping people to find the Nearest ATM! Stop Waiting in Queues

Google now helping people to find the Nearest ATM!

People are in stress after demonetization of 500 & 1000 rupee notes. Google took this matter as a piece of concern, Google now helping people to find the Nearest ATM! So Stop Waiting in long queue for hours and find the nearest working ATM available at your location. Google has introduced a new feature on its Home Page named- ““Find an ATM Near You”. This tool will help you out in finding the best ATM of all banks on Map, available on your nearby places but it will not give info about whether that ATM has got enough cash or not.

Previously, this tool was available on “Google Map” app featured on Android devices, to facilitate citizens in searching the nearest ATM with the contribution of “Google Search Bar”. With the availability of new feature on Google Home Page, it is now quite easy to access for both the computer and phone users. This new tool will definitely solve the problem that you are facing.


Google now helping people to find the Nearest ATM!

After implementing the idea of demonetizing Rs. 500 & 1,000 currency notes by the government on 8th November, problems of citizens are increasing every day. Though the idea was best to extract black money from the pockets of corrupt almighty bucks but it has severely affected the middle class and the poor people who don’t even have money with them to spend for their daily needs or to meet the medical requirements. This has resulted in long queues in front of ATMs and banks. This problem has also affected the travelers, either from India or some other countries, who are struggling for cash exchange and transactional crisis.

Help yourself and others by using this special feature of Google India, Stay Calm, help the old and the neediest people in taking out the money. Serve your best to your country!!

App Which Guarantees’ To Give Accurate Status Of Cash Available In ATM Or Gone Cash-Dry..

A website “” claims to help you spot the nearby ATM with cash by analyzing the real time statistics based on the users’ feedback give on queries- Which has long queues? Which ATM has cash? Which has gone cash-dry? You can also contribute your ATM experience with this website and help it out in analyzing more updated status of ATMS available for uses. To do so, press the ATM venue link and select one of the reasonable options – Cash, Long Wait & No Cash.

Hope you will no longer suffer from problems related to demonetization, as Google will now help you out! For more related information, stay connected with our web portal-

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