Happy Janmashtami 2017 – Things You Can Learn From Krishna’s Life

Things You Can Learn From Krishna’s Life

The pivotal figure Lord Krishna has taken many hearts toward the right path. Happy Janmashtami 2017 too all!!! On this special occasion of Janmashtami, we will tell you Things You Can Learn From Krishna’s Life. While the discussion between Arjuna and Krishna is in the circumstance of the war, Krishna had many lessons that can be easily applied to our daily lives. We should understand how to live this life, Krishna with his words of wisdom has conveyed the exact way of living life. So, here are lessons we should learn from the life of Krishna.

Lessons we can learn from Lord Krishna’s Life

  1. Stay Humble No Matter What

Even if Krishna was the Lord of all creation, he was still humble and always praised his elders. Show respect to everyone and in turn they will show respect to you. Your humble behavior will add sugar in your life.

  1. Performed His Duties Diligently

Even though Krishna was the Lord of the Universe, he still never avoided his duties. Despite living a difficult life, he never stopped performing his duties with all his heart. Fulfill your obligations, people will never forget you and admire your work.

  1. Selfless & Unconditional Love

Krishna blessed even those who offended him; he loved mankind and used to practice unconditional love while offering ‘mukti’ to his devotees. His Life was all about divine love and we should also practice this in our life.

  1. Taking One Day at a Time

Krishna was well aware of the future circumstances. But he enjoyed living the moment without worries. Even though he knew what was going to happen, he still took one day at a time. We should lean to face challenges with a smile on our face. We can’t wipe away the upcoming challenges the only way to get rid of them is by facing them.

  1. Never give up on what you love

Lord Krisha had a deep love and devotion for the flute. He never stopped playing that instrument because of his commitments. It teaches use to never given up on your hobbies and passions as that what makes you unique from others.

  1. Help People Change With Spiritual Knowledge

The God Indra was hurt by those who used to worship Krishna and wanted to destroy them. But Krishna intervened and saved them from the angry God Indra. Realizing his foolish attempt, God Indra begged for forgiveness and Krishna whole heartedly forgave him. We should also forgive our enemies like Krishna did. This will help people to understand their mistake and surely one day a great transformation will take place.

  1. Krishna Always Smiled

Even after facing uncountable number of adversities, Krishna faced it all with a big smile. He was living a Life of everlasting paradise even when he was facing challenges in life. Happiness comes from inside, your circumstances don’t define you.

  1. He Was Known For Kindness

The day when Krishna received rice from his friend Sudama who himself could not afford Krishna accepted the gift with great joy. Sudama’s wife had to beg to obtain this gift. In return, Krishna turned Sudama’s house into gold with precious stones and other jewelry. We should be kind and generous to all like the greatest Krishna.

  1. Being Of Service To Our Fellow Man

Krishna saved the people of Vrindavan from being poisoned even though they might have not been close to him but he still saved their lives. Serving to man is serving to God, we should serve mankind as this is the purpose we are living this life.

  1. Valued His Friendships

As he treated Sudama, his childhood friend, Krishna showed how much he valued friendships. He never differentiated between rich or poor friends. For him all his friends were equal. Treat your friends this way and you will always be surrounded by love and laughter.

So, these are the Lessons we can Learn from the Life of Lord Krishna. For more interesting updates, stay connected with us only at coolexample.in

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