Have A Dream To Study Abroad? These Countries Offers Free Education

Countries Offering Free Education

Do You Have A Dream To Study Abroad? Well, pack your bags as you can live your dream at much lower cost than you expect. Here we’ve compiled a list of some countries offering free education to international students. Many countries of the world offer free education to students coming from other countries including India. There are some countries where higher education fees are very low. If you gather up a little information and do planning, you can study abroad for free. Here’re few selected countries that offer free education to foreign students. You just need to understand the conditions for the education policy and admission of these countries and apply with the right preparation.

Countries Offering Free Education In The World

  1. Germany

Germany comes at the top when it comes to countries providing best higher education, free education or concessional education. Whether the students are from Germany or another country, no tuition fees are charged in any government university. However, you will have to pay the administration fee which is approximately 11 thousand to 19 thousand rupees annually.

  1. Norway 

Graduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs in this country are completely free. Whether you are a citizen of Norway or a citizen of another country, it doesn’t matter. However, you have to fulfill one condition. The condition is that you should speak Norwegian If you are planning to study here, learn this language.

  1. Sweden

For the graduate and post-graduate programs, no fee is charged from the European Union and the students belonging to European Economic Area. However, students from India do not come here, even though the PhD program is totally free for all. Not only this, those who go for PhD program gets every month some money from the government.

  1. Finland

Previously, Finland didn’t charge tuition fees from the citizens of any country, but it is gradually changing the rules. Now those who are from the European Union and those outside the European Economic Area who will be doing English Language Graduation or Post Graduation Course will have to pay tuition fees. However, if you learn the local language here, then you can study free.

  1. Czech Republic

Higher Education is free for citizens of the any country. Yes, the only condition is that you should have a good command over the local language. If you choose to study here in English language, then you have to pay the annual fee around 70 thousand rupees.

  1. Austria

Here the students of European Union and European Economic Area can study free and fees are charged from the rest of the students. The best thing is that the annual fee charges here is really low. Annual fee amounts around 55 thousand rupees annually.

  1. France

Apart from some government universities, higher education is usually free in France. Not bad, considering the quality of life here. Living costs in France are also relatively affordable, costing around €9,600 per year.

  1. Greece

For international students no free education is provided, but the fees structure is very low along with minimal cost of living as well. Higher education in Greece is much low cost than other countries.

  1. Belgium

Will, in Belgium International students have to pay a minimal fee to study here, which doesn’t make a big difference at all as you are getting new experience of a totally different culture. Will lovely infrastructure and world-class lecturers, this is one of the best countries to study abroad.

  1. Spain

Spain also provides free education to the students of the European Union and the fee for the rest of the students is really very low. Minimum cost of living in Spain is between €10,800 and €13,200 a year.

So, these are the Countries Offering Free Education to foreign students. For more updated info on the go, stay connected with us only at coolexample.in

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