Hemkund Sahib History, Interesting Facts, Opening Dates in 2017

Hemkund Sahib History

Hemkund sahib is one of the religious holy place and prime attraction of Sikh tourist especially. This gurudwara is highly recognized for its historical significance, so here we have presented Hemkund sahib history, interesting facts and information about opening dates in 2017. Whenever the gates of gurudwara get opened up, the prayers are offered along with a kirtan.

Hemkund Sahib History

This place was known as pilgrimage before the Sikh started coming at this shrine. It was named as lokpal. It is also said that god ram and Lakshman have mediated at this place. And god Lakshman was also carried at the lokpal after got injured in a battle with ravan son.

Hemkund Sahib History

 Also, rishi medhasa also known as Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji had selected this place for his mediation. Sikhs and Punjabi religion people considered this place on of the very popular place which is highly visited by them. Moreover, there is a Hindu temple which is situated on the banks of gurudwara; the shrine is basically committed to god Lakshman ji and major attraction for Hindu travelers.

Interesting Facts

  1. This holy place is specified in the guru Gobind Singh Ji life history. As this guru had choose this place for penance which is situated at height of 16,000 feet at a district name chamoli. Even after this, this gurudwara remained unrecognized for two eras.

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  1. The only gurudwara in the whole globe which is having a quintuple design structure. This is a unique feature which you will not find in any gurudwara. Also it is the only place which is assembles at height of 15,210 feet.
  2. There is totally self service; kitchen service is absolutely free also dry fruits are distributed to the visitors. One can easily have the langar and parshad on their own. There is no restriction in this.
  3. The helper of Indian army is always at service of people, they clear the path so that devotees do not find any difficulties in visiting the gurudwara. As there is all around the snow, so, a helper is all time present to clear the path.
  4. One should visit the place before confirming its opening dates, as its kept close for majority of time period. Especially before 15 days of dusshera festival, this place. This year it will be opening on 25 may 2017.

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  1. The way to Hemkund sahib is just amazing; the traveler can enjoy the eight pilgrimage places on the way to gurudwara. First from rishikesh till joshimath then followed by Gobind dham.
  2. For the construction of whole structure of gurudwara, very heavy steel plates was furnished without the use of any public transport and all the human efforts were involved to supply such heavy plates for covering 10410 m distance.
  3. One of the very popular rivers is connected with the gurudwara route named as alaknanda which provides sense of peaceful felling along with refresh mind and soul. One must definitely visits’ this pure place, its blessedness is just out of imagination.

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Hemkund Sahib Details

This sacred place will open on 25 May 2017 at 9.00 am as per the committee of gurudwara. The ardas of granthi will take place first with the opening of gates. And the yatra of Hemkund sahib will last till 10-10-2017.

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