Here’s How you can Turn your Smartphone into CCTV Camera

Turn your Smartphone into CCTV Camera

Want to get rid of your old smartphone?? Here’s How you can Turn your Smartphone into CCTV Camera. If you are having an old handset that is just taking up space in a drawer, market price of the second-hand smartphone is significantly reducing so, there is no point of selling it. In such case if the camera of your old smartphone is in good condition then you can use it as CCTV camera. For this, only you need a device charger, the Wi-Fi network and a special utility app.  

If you want to make use of such a stunning feature, only you need to install a special app called ‘Security Camera’, available for iOS and Android users. You can also search “CCTV” in Android Play store and you’ll get to see several paid and free apps like Viewtron’s CCTV DVR, CCTV Mobile, Home security camera WardenCam, AtHome camera – home security etc. Note that this app could take more memory in your smartphone so before downloading please check the phone’s memory.

Talking about ‘Security Camera’ app, this app is extremely easy to use. To make use of this app, first of all download it. After installation, the app will ask for details of your Google account. To work on this app, it is necessary to share your Google account details. The App required details so that the data collected by smartphone are sent to your mail address. There are a numerous reasons why you might want a security camera in the house, or office. Installing specialized CCTV equipment can cost you high. But using an old phone is a cheap alternative and very efficient too.

Turn your Smartphone into CCTV Camera

Some Useful Apps

There are plenty of fake apps available on Play store but Home Security Camera – Alfred, and Web Camera Online: CCTV IP Cam, are really reliably apps for home protection, though they lacked many features that other apps can provide. AtHome is another highly reliable app. If you’re having an old smartphone and want to turn it into CCTV Camera, install appropriate app in your old phone that has a working Wi-Fi connection. You’ll have to fix it in such a location that you can connect the charger to it so that the battery won’t run out in the middle of recording. You also require another smartphone or tablet or Windows PC to view the video feed. Check out few simple steps to turn your phone into a CCTV camera:

Access The CCTV Stream On Your Smartphone


  1. Go to Play store and install “AtHome Video Streamer- Monitor” on your old smartphone. This smartphone will be used for streaming the camera feed.
  2. After that, download and install the AtHome Monitor app on the handset in which you want to receive the CCTV feed. This phone will be used for viewing the camera feed.
  3. On the camera and the check whether both phone launch the respective apps or not. As soon as the camera goes online, the AtHome Video Streamer app will generate a unique Connection ID along with a username & password. Enter these details on the phone are using to monitor the feed. Or you could scan the QR code and save plenty of your time.

  1. On the handset that you are using to monitor the feed, after launching the AtHome Monitor app (called AtHome Camera on iOS), enter the account details, or press to add a feed using the QR code generated on the device. Scan the code and your CCTV streamer and now you can secure your location.

Access The CCTV Stream On Your Desktop Computer

  1. If you’re on Windows, you can get the feed on it by following few easy steps.
  2. First of all download and install the AtHome Camera desktop client.
  3. If your machine contains a webcam then it can easily scan the QR code like the Smartphone can do. Else, generate a username like we’ve done in step 2 and log-in that way.
  4. You can even inset and monitor up to four camera streams in the desktop client.

  1. The app has amazing features like scheduled recording, and two-way talk. You can swap between the front & rear camera and allow the LED flash remotely.The app also allows you to record the stream or take a snapshot. The video is stored in SD quality MP4 format. An entire day’s feed can take up to 4.5GB.

The AtHome streamer used 64MB in 10 minutes. So, using Wi-Fi connection is the best option besides using cellular data. The app can detect motion and can event alert you and because of this, you don’t need to record the data. All the features of this app can be used without any upgrade and is free of cost. However, if you want the cloud service that allows you to backup the stream on company’s servers, you need to pay a small amount.

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