How To Download Amazon Prime Videos And Watch Offline: Easy Steps To Follow

How To Download Amazon Prime Videos And Watch Offline

The new age of streaming services in India is amazing and now you can easily watch films or your favorite series but poor connections can ruin everything. So, here’s How To Download Amazon Prime Videos And Watch Offline. You’ll be amazed to hear that most of the famous services allow you to download these videos to watch offline. Now you can easily download a movie or show so that you can enjoy watching it later by using Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has also made it possible to download something to watch when you’re on a flight. Check out the Easy Steps To Follow to download this app and make use of it upto maximum.

Amazon Prime has been quite successful for the online retailer across the globe, offering subscribers an eclectic amalgamation of free shipping; it has the capability to borrow over 500,000 eBooks and also users can download Amazon Instant Video & watch it later whenever they want. Amazon has proclaimed that offline movie viewing is now available for Android and iOS and this makes it the only subscription streaming service offering this amazing feature. Don’t forget to take a good pair of earphones with you to get a wild mobile movie watching experience.

Why to download Amazon Prime Video app?

For all the Prime subscribers, you can enjoy watching movies and TV shows on Amazon Instant Video on smartphones, tablets, games consoles, and even some smart TVs. Also, Amazon’s Chromecast rival, the Fire TV offers the service. However, the users who have Amazon Video app on their Android phone/ tablet/ iPhone or iPad, you can now watch videos offline after downloading it from the app. If you are a lapsed Amazon Prime subscriber, you won’t be able to enjoy this service.

Download Amazon Prime Movies on Android

Amazon Instant Video is not available on Google Play. To download the app first of all download and install the Amazon App Store.

After installation, open up Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources (for security purposes).  Now, open your mobile browser and go through to where you are required to press the button “Download the Amazon Appstore” and wait while this process completes.

After few waiting minutes, you’ll get a notification conveying that the file has successfully downloaded. Tap to install it.

However, if you already have any Amazon apps like Kindle app, or Amazon shopping downloaded on your Smartphone or tablet then you’ll automatically access the signed in column. If not, sign in with your usual Amazon ID, search for “Amazon Instant Video”.

Select the relevant app from the list that is displayed, read the description to ensure you’ve accessed the right app, and after that, press on “Free” in the top right-hand corner. Now, tab on “Get App” button and wait till the Amazon Instant App is finally installed. After the app is installed, enjoy downloading the film or television show you wish to watch offline.

Download Amazon Prime Movies on iOS

iOS users can more easily download Amazon Instant Video app directly from the App Store. After downloading and installing the app, sign in with your usual credentials and start up your browsing experience. When you’ll find the television show or movie you wish to download and watch later, open it, and tap the “Download” button. To cancel the download, tap the title to expand the description and press “Cancel”. If you tap on Download Options, you can change the video quality, pause, or cancel the download by tapping on those options in the menu.

By default, downloads are set to the highest quality but if you have low storage in your iPhone or iPad, the best option for you is to tap the app “Settings” button, open “Download Quality” and adjust according to your preference, quality between Good, Better, and Best.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Videos Offline?

Open up the Amazon Instant Video And search for a suitable title, and open the listing. Press the download button that is given on the right-hand side. You can also make use of the Download Options button to find the “Change Quality” options. You can mark on Restart Best, Restart Better and Continue Good, and make this your default setting in settingbox for making your preference to be remembered.

In case you want to download the file over mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, first swipe in from the left and go to settings. Here, you will have to turn off Download on Wi-Fi only by tapping the toggle. The app also shows the space 1 hour of video will consume at each level. Once the movie or TV show is downloaded, simply open the menu again and tap on Downloads to see a list of your downloaded videos. Now tab on the file and you will be taken to the detail page and there you have to press the Watch Now button, or remove the file tab.

This is how you can Download Amazon Prime Videos And Watch Offline. You can stay tune with us only at and enjoy reading some of the recent topics.

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