How to identify fake Rs 2000 Notes| Simple Ways to Spot fake 2000 Notes

How To Identify Fake Rs 2000 Notes

The Prime Minister, Narender Modi took a great step against the black money on 9 November 2016. But still people are trying to do wrong illegal activities by making duplicate currency. So here we are with all the tricks through which you can know How To Identify Fake Rs 2000 Notes. While the surprising moves of introducing new notes have gained mixed reactions from the people. Lot of claims have been arise regarding fakes notes across the social media but this claim have also came up to end by the efforts of IBT international business times in identifying the new notes authenticity.

How To Identify Fake Rs 2000 Notes

Despite of the demonetization, there were many instances when people were victimize with fake notes of 2000Rs. Therefore, some guidelines have been laid down by the RBI reserve bank of India to spot fake 2000 Notes. People have to be extra careful regarding new notes because there are some tricksters who are taking advantage of common man by making them fool with fake 2000 notes. Those who have do not have any knowledge regarding identifying fake notes of 2000Rs, then check out some simple ways to spot fake rupees.

How To Identify Fake Rs 2000 Notes

  1. Suppressed image
  2. Watermark on the note
  3. Micro engraving
  4. Dimension and color of note
  5. The logo of swatch bharat abhiyaan
  6. RBI trademark and clauses
  7. Emblem of ashoka
  8. Jagged Bleed lines
  9. Symbol of mathematical system
  10. The printing year

Simple Ways To Spot Fake 2000 Notes

  1. Suppressed Image

The most important thing is to check the suppressed image in new note. In the new note, the suppressed numeral image can be seen when placed against the light. But you have to place it at 45 degree view point of angle.

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  1. Watermark On The Note

The new note of 2000 Rs carries a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi along with a watermark which is significant point to identify the fake note. Therefore, always check the watermark on the new notes.

  1. Micro Engraving

In fake banknotes of 200rs, the color of security thread will not change as in real note, the color will transform from green color to blue color. Also there will be a caption displayed on the new note “bharat”.

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  1. Dimension And Color Of Note

The real note of 200 Rs is of pink shade with magenta base and the accurate dimension 66mm* 166mm. So, be careful while dealing with this note and check whether the color and dimension match or not.

  1. The Logo Of Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan

There is a tagline and logo of watch bharat abhiyaan. Also there is an image which portrays the first step of country towards some other planet on one side of note. On the other side, you will feature the central theme of mars orbiter.

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  1. RBI Trademark And Clauses

Another significant thing is to check he memento of reserve bank of India and the clasue.ina addition to this, the governor signature and promise clause to pay sum of amount to the bearer will be there in new banknotes.

  1. Emblem Of Ashoka

Other best way to identify the fake note of 2000 is to check the emblem of ashoka at the right side of image of Mahatma Gandhi. In case you do not find the ashoka emblem on the banknote that means it is not real note.

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  1. Jagged Bleed Lines

You will get to see several bleed lines around seven on the both sides of new note. There is also an identification mark present on the note. Carefully count the lines in your new notes, it should be seven.

  1. Symbol Of Mathematical System

There is a panel of number present in new note were you can easily view the symbols of mathematical systems given in ascending order. The numeral should be properly visible ones to identify the real note.

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  1. The Printing Year

In new notes, you will notice the printing year of the note and the language pane mentioned on the centre of the note. So, make sure to check this thing while dealing with new notes of Rs.2000.

So, that’s all about how to identify fake Rs 2000 notes. You can easily consider the above provide steps from being fooled by other with fake notes. Stay connected with for more updates.

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