How To Stop WhatsApp From Downloading Media Files (Images, Audio, Videos)

How To Stop WhatsApp From Downloading Media Files

Millions of people are using WhatsApp as their personal messaging app. This app has gained abundant of popularity in India. However, it can become really annoying when the messenger automatically download all the media files, from pictures to videos. This clutters the phone’s gallery & music player and consumes lot of storage and data. Here’s How To Stop WhatsApp From Automatically Downloading Media Files. For those who are a part of numerous groups and get irritated when stack of images, audios and videos pop up in the phone’s gallery without your permission, by following these simple steps you can overcome this issue. 

How To Stop WhatsApp From Downloading Media Files?

WhatsApp for Android contains an option to stop images and videos from automatically downloading. Here’s how to access that feature:

  • Open WhatsApp and on the main window, where all your chats are displayed, tap the three vertical dots and choose Settings option.

  • Now tap on Data Usage and you will get to see Media auto-download. Three options will be displayed in front of you; When using cellular data, When connected on Wi-Fi and When roaming.

  • Tap each one and disable auto-downloads by removing ticks from all the options and tab “ok” to make changes permanent. After making changes, you can only view photos when you have downloaded it.

When you download a photo, the messenger saves it in a folder, and you can get irritated with stupid memes and other unwanted stuff which appear each time when you open up your phone’s Gallery. However, it is pretty simple to avoid this unwanted stuff from appearing in the Gallery app. Here’s what you must do:

  • Download and install Quickpic and open it
  • After that, navigate to the WhatsApp media folders. The location of the WhatsApp folder varies in different devices but it should typically: Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images, > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Audio, and WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Videos.
  • Now, long-press the WhatsApp Images folder and you have to do the same with the WhatsApp Video and WhatsApp Audio folders.
  • After selecting the three (Image, Video and Media) folders, go to the top-right area and tap the three dots icon > Hide. You can now view WhatsApp images or videos within the app and through other apps too that let you view hidden folders.


How to Stop Auto Downloading on WhatsApp for iPhone ?

You can turn off media auto-download on iPhone by using the following steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap the Settings button at the bottom-right section. Now tap on Data and Storage Usage.
  • In this menu, you will encounter the Media Auto-Download option on top of the screen
  • For Photos, Audio, Videos, and Documents, select the “Never” option

You can also stop the photos and videos from appearing the phone’s Camera Roll. For this go to Chats in the Settings menu. Now open the Save to Camera Roll menu, and turn it to off. This prevents the pictures your contacts are sending from showing up in the camera roll.

This is How You Can Stop WhatsApp From Automatically Downloading Media Files. For more cool stuff, bookmark our page by pressing Ctrl + D or join us on Facebook or Google Plus. 

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