In This Village People Eat In Myanmar and Sleeps in India! Have Dual Citizenship

In This Village People Eat In Myanmar and Sleeps in India! Have Dual Citizenship

These days there is a dispute between India-China-Bhutan over the Dolemal border. However, there are some people who go to other country without a visa-passport. Where the king eats food in some other country and comes in India to sleep. We are talking about the village of Longwa in Nagaland which is located half in India & half in Myanmar. Here the border passes through the king’s house. In This Village People Eat In Myanmar and Sleeps in India! Have Dual Citizenship. Isn’t it cool!!! The people in this village live with love and joy. No boundaries can stop these people. We can only imagine the bond that not even the border line could separate. Here are some mind blowing facts about this “One village, two nations – Longwa” that everyone should look at once.

Something You Must Know About The Village

  • Longwa village is situated in Mons district on the North East side, 389 km from Kohima- capital of Nagaland.
  • Nagaland consists of 11 districts and amongst them one of the largest villages in Mon district is Longwa.

  • This village on India’s Eastern International border is unique in itself.
  • “The Angh” is the hereditary chief or the king of the Konyak Naga.
  • The Konyak tribe holds the largest numbers among the sixteen officially recognized tribes in Nagaland.
  • This village has traditional large houses made of wood with thatched roof, located 42 kms from the main Mon town at the Myanmarese border.

  • At the same time, the border of Myanmar and India passes through the middle of the king’s house. In such a way, their family eats in the part of Myanmar, but uses the Indian border to sleep.
  • The Konyak Naga speaks the Tibetan-Myanmarese.
  • Aoling Monyu is the spectacular colorful festival of Konyak celebrated every year during the first week of April.

  • The family of the king is also very large, including his 60 wives. The king’s son is in the Myanmar Army.
  • In 1970-71, the border passed between the village of Longwa Due to the Indo-Myanmar border, the people here have technically got citizenship of both countries. As such, the people do not require a visa to go to Myanmar and neither does the Indian passport. – People here can freely travel in both countries.

  • People of these Tribes are also known as Head Hunters. Previously, they used to kill people and carry their head with them. However, there is no head hunting after 1960s, but skulls are still decorated in their homes.
  • Their language is Nagamis, which is made up of Naga and Assamese languages.

What Makes Longwa Village So Unique?

One of the most interesting facts about Longwa village is that the Angh or King of the village has 60 wives. Moreover, he is a ruler of more than 70 villages extended up to Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh. The Villagers do not need a visa to move around freely to Myanmar. People from both boundaries, work with togetherness in King’s field.

The Konyak tribe is recognized for their violent head hunting and their tattooed inked faces. Konyak warrior with the maximum numbers of his enemies’ heads is known to be the powerful of all. These people are always seen in some traditional jewellery and most of the men with inked face wear a brass skull necklace which indicates the number of heads taken by them. Well, the Konyak tribe still uses elephant tusks, horns, hornbill beaks and skulls for decoration purposes.

These warriors believed that taking heads boost the fertility of the crops and maintain the well-being of the warrior who took the head. They would show mercy to someone from being headhunted only if that person had eaten something from the house of a Konyak Naga or he had offered them a gift.

However, the arrival of Christian missionaries has stopped the tradition of skull-hunting and with the village people having embraced Christianity. The religion has now become the interconnected bond between the Nagas that assisted them to keep aloof from endless fighting with each other.

These villagers are a real example of a true world without any boundaries. You can updated yourself with more interesting topics only at

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