Interesting Facts About Google India| Amazing Facts Of Google India

Interesting Facts About Google India

One of the best and highly used search engine by the people is Google. We will be going to present Some Interesting Facts About Google India that are hardly familiar by anyone. People not only from India but the whole globe use this brilliant web portal to search for any information or stuff. Undoubtedly, this is most useful search engine with very essential information for every topic or about thing. More than millions of people browse Google to search for their needed information.

Interesting Facts About Google India

Moreover, Google Indian is among the bests’ company to work in. it is highly reputed and prominent corporation in whole globe and at present on first position in terms of best companies of India. The corporation was set up on 4 sept, 1998 by two great and honorable personalities’ Sergey brin and larry page. So without wasting more time, let’s check out some amazing facts of Google India.

Interesting Facts About Google India

  1. The major interesting thing about Google India is when you will visit the Google maps, then select the satellite view and zoom it to great extent. Then you will be able to view a stunning view of earth which will look like real earth with beautiful shadows. And by pressing it twice, clouds will appear on screen.

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  1. Google India was started in year 2004 after which they have stated establishing their offices in different parts of Indian. First two offices were set up in Hyderabad and Bangalore in October month, 2014.
  2. When it comes to its ranking position, in the whole world, Google India has been ranked on the ninth position; this is among the leading websites which is highly visited by the people. It is easily accessible and one can find any type of stuff here within few seconds only.
  3. Google India is accessible in multiple regional languages including Guajarati, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi and Marathi etc. But it is only available in India where almost every regional language is available.
  4. Google India is the best corporation and offers great amount of package to the employees. Its minimum pay package is 11 lakh, so one easily expects what would be its maximum package. In addition to this, various perks, benefits and allowances are also offered to the employees.

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  1. Well, this fact will definitely look very awkward but it’s true. Visit to the homepage of Google and write “I want to do suicide”. Then after few seconds of your typing, Google will provide you with the suicide helpline number list.
  2. Google makes use of a web tool known as to hire new workers on the basis of their online searching. If you searching for exact programming language or terms, then Google will ask you to apply for with its latest results.
  3. With the help of Google instant, you can get instant information about the typed query or question. Even, you don’t have to enter the hit on other button; the speed of results is very high. The button present on above Google homepage cost $110 million each year. Now get your instant result.

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  1. The firm takes moonshots and other important projects that have the ability to the change the world from countless people. Likewise, in year 2012, the firm had made known “Cherokee language” in the mail application.
  2. Some of most popular site or social networking platforms like Youtube, android, waze etc have been owned by the Google India. Since 2010, the firm has been obtaining one corporation each week.

We hope that viewers will get to know about interesting facts about Google India. Stay tuned with for more updates and facts.

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